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Sekhri, R.* et al.: Ruxolitinib-treated polycythemia vera patients and their risk of secondary malignancies. Ann. Hematol., DOI: 10.1007/s00277-021-04647-0 (2021)
Kolb, H.J. & Schmid, C.*: The FLAMSA concept-past and future. Ann. Hematol. 99, 1979–1988 (2020)
Carlet, M. ; Vergalli, J. ; Heckl, B. ; Schmidt-Supprian, M.* & Jeremias, I.: MCL1 plays an essential role for patients'AML, as shown by inducible knockdown in PDX models IN VIVO. Ann. Hematol. 98, S24-S25 (2019)
Ebinger, S. ; Zeller, C. ; Spiekermann, K.* ; Vick, B. & Jeremias, I.: Long-term dormancy is reversible in patients' AML cells growing in mice. Ann. Hematol. 98, S31-S32 (2019)
Liu, W.-H. ; Schwarzkopf, L. ; Herold, T. & Jeremias, I.: Inducible re-expression of KLF4 impairs growth of patient derived acute lymphoma leukemia cells IN VIVO and sensitizes them towards chemotherapy. Ann. Hematol. 98, S53-S53 (2019)
Wange, L.E.* et al.: Analyzing transcriptional profiles of childhood ALL at single cell resolution. Ann. Hematol. 98, S63-S64 (2019)
Wille, K.* et al.: High risk of recurrent venous thromboembolism in BCR-ABL-negative myeloproliferative neoplasms after termination of anticoagulation. Ann. Hematol. 98, 93-100 (2019)
Bagnoli, J.* et al.: Transcriptional heterogeneity in AML - evolution of gene expression in patient derived xenografts. Ann. Hematol. 96, S59-S59 (2017)
Ebinger, S. ; Liu, W. ; Tiedt, S. ; Alves, C.C. & Jeremias, I.: A rare population of drug resistant, dormant stem cells exists in patients' acute lymphoblastic leukemia growing in mice. Ann. Hematol. 96, S52-S52 (2017)
Finkenzeller, C. et al.: Clones with and without sensitivity towards treatment in vivo co-exist within a single sample of a patient with ALL. Ann. Hematol. 96, S75-S75 (2017)
Heckl, B. et al.: Primary adult acute lymphoblastic leukemic cells reliably engraft and grow in immunodeficient mice. Ann. Hematol. 96, S71-S72 (2017)
Koczian, F.* et al.: Targeting the ER-mitochondrial interface of cell death sensitizes leukemia cells towards cytostatics. Ann. Hematol. 96, S73-S73 (2017)
Koehnke, T. et al.: Early detection and alternative gating strategies in flow MRD. Ann. Hematol. 96, S26-S28 (2017)
Krupka, C. et al.: Influence of cytoreductive and immunmodulatory drugs on bispecific T-cell engager-based approaches in AML. Ann. Hematol. 96, S81-S82 (2017)
Oezdemir, E. ; Ziegenhain, C.* ; Panzer-Gruenmayer, R.* ; Enard, W.* & Jeremias, I.: A preclinical PDX model for patients` minimal residual disease in ALL. Ann. Hematol. 96, S74-S74 (2017)
Valtierra-Gutierrez, I.A.* et al.: Detection of single-nucleotide variants in acute myeloid leukemia (AML) from bulk and single-cell RNA sequencing. Ann. Hematol. 96, S57-S57 (2017)
Vergalli, J. et al.: XIAP is an attractive therapeutic target for all as validated in innovative genetically rngineered patient-derived xenograft models. Ann. Hematol. 96, S74-S75 (2017)
Vick, B. ; Holdt, L.M.* ; Hiddemann, W.R.* ; Spiekermann, K.* & Jeremias, I.: Modeling AML standard induction chemotherapy in the PDX mouse model. Ann. Hematol. 96, S68-S68 (2017)
Carlet, M. ; Vergalli, J. ; Finkenzeller, C. ; Grunert, M. & Jeremias, I.: Knockdown of XIAP sensitizes B-ALL cells towards chemotherapy in an innovative, dual luciferase in vivo competition assay. Ann. Hematol. 94, S88 (2015)
Carlet, M. et al.: Functional characterization ofacute leukemias. Ann. Hematol. 94, S28-S30 (2015)