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Biagosch, C. et al.: A comprehensive phenotypic characterization of a whole-body Wdr45 knock-out mouse. Mamm. Genome 32, 332-349 (2021)
Ehlich, H.* et al.: INFRAFRONTIER quality principles in systemic phenotyping. Mamm. Genome, DOI: 10.1007/s00335-021-09892-2 (2021)
Beckers, J. ; Teperino, R. ; Hérault, Y.* & Hrabě de Angelis, M.: Introduction to mammalian genome special issue: Epigenetics. Mamm. Genome, DOI: 10.1007/s00335-020-09843-3 (2020)
Kamies, R. & Martinez Jimenez, C.P.: Advances of single-cell genomics and epigenomics in human disease: Where are we now? Mamm. Genome 31, 170-180 (2020)
Kaspar, D. ; Hastreiter, S. ; Irmler, M. ; Hrabě de Angelis, M. & Beckers, J.: Nutrition and its role in epigenetic inheritance of obesity and diabetes across generations. Mamm. Genome 31, 119–133 (2020)
Kollmus, H.* et al.: A comprehensive and comparative phenotypic analysis of the collaborative founder strains identifies new and known phenotypes. Mamm. Genome 31, 30-48 (2020)
Ruberte, J.* et al.: PATHBIO: An international training program for precision mouse phenotyping. Mamm. Genome 31, 49-53 (2020)
Tomar, A. & Teperino, R.: Genetic control of non-genetic inheritance in mammals: state-of-the-art and perspectives. Mamm. Genome 31, 146–156 (2020)
Danner, E.* et al.: Control of gene editing by manipulation of DNA repair mechanisms. Mamm. Genome 28, 262-274 (2017)
Diener, S. et al.: Exome sequencing identifies a nonsense mutation in Fam46a associated with bone abnormalities in a new mouse model for skeletal dysplasia. Mamm. Genome 27, 111-121 (2016)
Raess, M.* ; de Castro, A.A.* ; Gailus-Durner, V. ; Fessele, S.* & Hrabě de Angelis, M.: INFRAFRONTIER: A European resource for studying the functional basis of human disease. Mamm. Genome 27, 445-450 (2016)
Sabrautzki, S. et al.: Viable EdnraY129F mice feature human mandibulofacial dysostosis with alopecia (MFDA) syndrome due to the homologue mutation. Mamm. Genome 27, 587-598 (2016)
Bönisch, C. et al.: Dexamethasone treatment alters insulin, leptin, and adiponectin levels in male mice as observed in DIO but does not lead to alterations of metabolic phenotypes in the offspring. Mamm. Genome 27, 17-28 (2015)
Keeney, J.G.* et al.: Generation of mice lacking DUF1220 protein domains: Effects on fecundity and hyperactivity. Mamm. Genome 26, 33-42 (2015)
Maier, H. et al.: Principles and application of LIMS in mouse clinics. Mamm. Genome 26, 467-481 (2015)
Rosen, B.* ; Schick, J. & Wurst, W.: Beyond knockouts: The International Knockout Mouse Consortium delivers modular and evolving tools for investigating mammalian genes. Mamm. Genome 26, 456-466 (2015)
Rozman, J. ; Klingenspor, M. & Hrabě de Angelis, M.: A review of standardized metabolic phenotyping of animal models. Mamm. Genome 25, 497-507 (2014)
Szymczak, W. et al.: Online breath gas analysis in unrestrained mice by hs-PTR-MS. Mamm. Genome 25, 129-140 (2014)
Fuchs, H. ; Gau, C. ; Hans, W. ; Gailus-Durner, V. & Hrabě de Angelis, M.: Long-term experiment to study the development, interaction and influencing factors of DEXA parameters. Mamm. Genome 24, 376-388 (2013)
Puk, O. ; Hrabě de Angelis, M. & Graw, J.: Longitudinal fundus and retinal studies with SD-OCT: A comparison of five mouse inbred strains. Mamm. Genome 24, 198-205 (2013)