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Kratzel, A.* et al.: A genome-wide CRISPR screen identifies interactors of the autophagy pathway as conserved coronavirus targets. PLoS Biol. 19:e3001490 (2021)
Lupperger, V. ; Marr, C. & Chapouton, P.: Correction: Reoccuring neural stem cell divisions in the adult zebrafish telencephalon are sufficient for the emergence of aggregated spatio-temporal patterns. PLoS Biol. 19:e3001132 (2021)
Way, G.P.* et al.: A field guide to cultivating computational biology. PLoS Biol. 19:e3001419 (2021)
Lupperger, V. ; Marr, C. & Chapouton, P.: Reoccurring neural stem cell divisions in the adult zebrafish telencephalon are sufficient for the emergence of aggregated spatiotemporal patterns. PLoS Biol. 18:e3000708 (2020)
Köhler, K.* et al.: The Cdk8/19-cyclin C transcription regulator functions in genome replication through metazoan Sld7. PLoS Biol. 17:e2006767 (2019)
André, V. et al.: Laboratory mouse housing conditions can be improved using common environmental enrichment without compromising data. PLoS Biol. 16:e2005019 (2018)
Chrétien, D.* et al.: Mitochondria are physiologically maintained at close to 50 °C. PLoS Biol. 16:e2003992 (2018)
Dyar, K.A. et al.: Transcriptional programming of lipid and amino acid metabolism by the skeletal muscle circadian clock. PLoS Biol. 16:e2005886 (2018)
Hofherr, A.* et al.: The mitochondrial transporter SLC25A25 links ciliary TRPP2 signaling and cellular metabolism. PLoS Biol. 16:e2005651 (2018)
Huang, S.* et al.: Jagged1/Notch2 controls kidney fibrosis via Tfam-mediated metabolic reprogramming. PLoS Biol. 16:e2005233 (2018)
Lozano-Ortega, M. ; Valera, G. ; Xiao, Y. ; Faucherre, A.* & López-Schier, H.: Hair cell identity establishes labeled lines of directional mechanosensation. PLoS Biol. 16:e2004404 (2018)
Pan, M.* et al.: EpCAM ectodomain EpEX is a ligand of EGFR that counteracts EGF-mediated epithelial-mesenchymal transition through modulation of phospho-ERK1/2 in head and neck cancers. PLoS Biol. 16:e2006624 (2018)
McMurry, J.A.* et al.: Identifiers for the 21st century: How to design, provision, and reuse persistent identifiers to maximize utility and impact of life science data. PLoS Biol. 15:e2001414 (2017)
Serafimidis, I.* et al.: Pancreas lineage allocation and specification are regulated by sphingosine-1-phosphate signalling. PLoS Biol. 15:e2000949 (2017)
Karp, N.A.* et al.: Applying the ARRIVE guidelines to an in vivo database. PLoS Biol. 13:e1002151 (2015)
Modzelewska, K.* et al.: Neurons refine the Caenorhabditis elegans body plan by directing axial patterning by Wnts. PLoS Biol. 11:e1001465 (2013)
Nordström, V.* et al.: Neuronal expression of glucosylceramide synthase in central nervous system regulates body weight and energy homeostasis. PLoS Biol. 11:e1001506 (2013)
Konrad, M.* et al.: Social transfer of pathogenic fungus promotes active immunisation in ant colonies. PLoS Biol. 10:e1001300 (2012)
Shkoda, A. et al.: The germinal center kinase TNIK is required for canonical NF-κB and JNK signaling in B-cells by the EBV oncoprotein LMP1 and the CD40 receptor. PLoS Biol. 10:e1001376 (2012)
Hüttl, R.E. ; Soellner, H. ; Bianchi, E. ; Novitch, B.G.* & Huber, A.B.: Npn-1 contributes to axon-axon interactions that differentially control sensory and motor innervation of the limb. PLoS Biol. 9:e1001020 (2011)