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Milenkovic, D.* et al.: Mice lacking the mitochondrial exonuclease MGME1 develop inflammatory kidney disease with glomerular dysfunction. PLoS Genet. 18:e1010190 (2022)
Albanese, M. et al.: MicroRNAs are minor constituents of extracellular vesicles that are rarely delivered to target cells. PLoS Genet. 17:e1009951 (2021)
Böck, J.* et al.: Human genome diversity data reveal that L564P is the predominant TPC2 variant and a prerequisite for the blond hair associated M484L gain-of-function effect. PLoS Genet. 17:e1009236 (2021)
Goveas, N.* et al.: MLL1 is required for maintenance of intestinal stem cells. PLoS Genet. 17:e1009250 (2021)
Swan, A.L.* et al.: Mouse mutant phenotyping at scale reveals novel genes controlling bone mineral density. PLoS Genet. 16:e1009190 (2021)
Haeussler, S.* et al.: Autophagy compensates for defects in mitochondrial dynamics. PLoS Genet. 16:e1008638 (2020)
Reza Sailani, M.* et al.: Candidate variants in TUB are associated with familial tremor. PLoS Genet. 16:e1009010 (2020)
Riveros-McKay, F.* et al.: The influence of rare variants in circulating metabolic biomarkers. PLoS Genet. 16:e1008605 (2020)
Vogelezang, S.* et al.: Novel loci for childhood body mass index and shared heritability with adult cardiometabolic traits. PLoS Genet. 16:e1008718 (2020)
Zhang, T.* et al.: High-throughput discovery of genetic determinants of circadian misalignment. PLoS Genet. 16:e1008577 (2020)
Rivas, M.A.* et al.: Insights into the genetic epidemiology of Crohn's and rare diseases in the Ashkenazi Jewish population. PLoS Genet. 14:e1007329 (2018)
Graff, M.* et al.: Genome-wide physical activity interactions in adiposity ― A meta-analysis of 200,452 adults. PLoS Genet. 13:e1006528 (2017)
Magosi, L.E.* ; Goel, A.* ; Hopewell, J.C.* ; Farrall, M.* & CARDIoGRAMplusC4D Consortium (Gieger, C. ; Peters, A. ; Meitinger, T.): Identifying systematic heterogeneity patterns in genetic association meta-analysis studies. PLoS Genet. 13:e1006755 (2017)
Scahill, C.M.* et al.: Loss of the chromatin modifier Kdm2aa causes BrafV-600E -independent spontaneous melanoma in zebrafish. PLoS Genet. 13:e1006959 (2017)
Shungin, D.* et al.: Ranking and characterization of established BMI and lipid associated loci as candidates for gene-environment interactions. PLoS Genet. 13:e1006812 (2017)
Wagner, G.* et al.: Brg1 chromatin remodeling ATPase balances germ layer patterning by amplifying the transcriptional burst at midblastula transition. PLoS Genet. 13:e1006757 (2017)
Nowak, C.* et al.: Effect of insulin resistance on monounsaturated fatty acid levels: A multi-cohort non-targeted metabolomics and mendelian randomization study. PLoS Genet. 12:e1006379 (2016)
Smith, J.G.* et al.: Discovery of genetic variation on chromosome 5q22 associated with mortality in heart failure. PLoS Genet. 12:e1006034 (2016)
Telorack, M.* et al.: A glutathione-Nrf2-thioredoxin cross-talk ensures keratinocyte survival and efficient wound repair. PLoS Genet. 12:e1005800 (2016)
Winkler, T.W.* et al.: Correction: The influence of age and sex on genetic associations with adult body size and shape: A large-scale genome-wide interaction study. PLoS Genet. 12:e1006166 (2016)