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Ludyga, N. et al.: Nucleic acids from long-term preserved FFPE tissues are suitable for downstream analyses. Virchows Arch. 460, 131-140 (2012)
Straub, B.K.* et al.: IgG4-associated cholangitis with cholangiocarcinoma. Virchows Arch. 458, 761-765 (2011)
Hipp, S.* et al.: Interaction of Snail and p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase results in shorter overall survival of ovarian cancer patients. Virchows Arch. 457, 705-713 (2010)
Rüschoff, J.* et al.: HER2 diagnostics in gastric cancer-guideline validation and development of standardized immunohistochemical testing. Virchows Arch. 457, 299-307 (2010)
Aubele, M. et al.: Overexpression of PTK6 (breast tumor kinase) protein - a prognostic factor for long-term breast cancer survival - is not due to gene amplification. Virchows Arch. 455, 117-123 (2009)
Becker, K.F.* ; Walch, A.K. & Ueffing, M.: Protein analysis of tissues - current views and clinical perspectives. Virchows Arch. 455, 191-192 (2009)
Esposito, I. ; Kubisova, A.* ; Stiehl, A.* ; Kulaksiz, H.* & Schirmacher, P.*: Secondary sclerosing cholangitis after intensive care unit treatment: Clues to the histopathological differential diagnosis. Virchows Arch. 453, 339-345 (2008)
Pellegata, N.S. et al.: Human pheochromocytomas show reduced p27Kip1 expression that is not associated with somatic gene mutations and rarely with deletions. Virchows Arch. 451, 37-46 (2007)
Rosivatz, E.* et al.: Expression and nuclear localization of Snail, an E-cadherin repressor, in adenocarcinomas of the upper gastrointestinal tract. Virchows Arch. 448, 277-287 (2006)
Fend, F.* ; Bock, O.* ; Kremer, M.* ; Specht, K.* & Quintanilla-Martinez, L.: Ancillary techniques in bone marrow pathology: Molecular diagnostic on bone marrow trephine biopsies. Virchows Arch. 447, 909-919 (2005)
Kayser, G.* et al.: Numerical and structural centrosome aberrations are on early and stable event in the adenoma-carcinoma sequence of colorectal carcinomas. Virchows Arch. 447, 61-65 (2005)
Kremer, M.* ; Quintanilla-Martinez, L. ; Nährig, J.* ; Schilling, Ch. von* & Fend, F.*: Immunohistochemistry in bone marrow pathology: A useful adjunct for morphologic diagnosis. Virchows Arch. 447, 920-937 (2005)
Yanagi, M.* et al.: Comparison of loss of heterozygosity and microsatellite instability in adenocarcinomas of the distal esophagus and proximal stomach. Virchows Arch. 437, 605-610 (2000)
Dörr, W. & Kummermehr, J.C.: Proliferation kinetics of mouse tongue epithelium under normal conditions and following single dose irradiation. Virchows Arch. 60, 287-294 (1991)
Marquart, K.H.: Intracisternal crystalline arrays of coated parallel tubules in cells of a human osteosarcoma. Virchows Arch. 391, 309-313 (1981)
Schmahl, W.G. ; Meyer, I. ; Kriegel, H. & Tempel, K.H.*: Cartilaginous metaplasia and overgrowth of neurocranium skull after X-irradiation in utero. Virchows Arch. 384, 173-184 (1979)