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Grosch, M. et al.: Nucleus size and DNA accessibility are linked to the regulation of paraspeckle formation in cellular differentiation. BMC Biol. 18:42 (2020)
Penkov, S. et al.: A metabolic switch regulates the transition between growth and diapause in C. elegans. BMC Biol. 18:31 (2020)
Xie, X.* et al.: Silencer-delimited transgenesis: NRSE/RE1 sequences promote neural-specific transgene expression in a NRSF/REST-dependent manner. BMC Biol. 10:93 (2012)
Kerrien, S.* et al.: Broadening the Horizon - Level 2.5 of the HUPO-PSI Format for Molecular Interactions. BMC Biol. 5:44 (2007)