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Buerstmayr, M.* et al.: Fusarium head blight resistance in European winter wheat: Insights from genome-wide transcriptome analysis. BMC Genomics 22:470 (2021)
Monroy Kuhn, J.M. ; Meusemann, K.* & Korb, J.*: Disentangling the aging gene expression network of termite queens. BMC Genomics 22:339 (2021)
Velluva, A.* et al.: Phenotype-tissue expression and exploration (PTEE) resource facilitates the choice of tissue for RNA-seq-based clinical genetics studies. BMC Genomics 22:802 (2021)
Drozdova, P.* et al.: Comparison between transcriptomic responses to short-term stress exposures of a common Holarctic and endemic Lake Baikal amphipods. BMC Genomics 20:712 (2019)
Higareda-Almaraz, J. et al.: Norepinephrine triggers an immediate-early regulatory network response in primary human white adipocytes. BMC Genomics 19:794 (2018)
Taudt, A.* et al.: METHimpute: Imputation-guided construction of complete methylomes from WGBS data. BMC Genomics 19:444 (2018)
Trümbach, D. et al.: ENCoRE: An efficient software for CRISPR screens identifies new players in extrinsic apoptosis. BMC Genomics 18:905 (2017)
Wilson, R. et al.: The dynamics of smoking-related disturbed methylation: A two time-point study of methylation change in smokers, non-smokers and former smokers. BMC Genomics 18:805 (2017)
Zuber, V.* et al.: Bromodomain protein 4 discriminates tissue-specific super-enhancers containing disease-specific susceptibility loci in prostate and breast cancer. BMC Genomics 18:270 (2017)
Köferle, A.* et al.: CORALINA: A universal method for the generation of gRNA libraries for CRISPR-based screening. BMC Genomics 17:917 (2016)
Kugler, K.G. et al.: Ribosome quality control is a central protection mechanism for yeast exposed to deoxynivalenol and trichothecin. BMC Genomics 17:417 (2016)
Penselin, D.* et al.: Comparative genomics to explore phylogenetic relationship, cryptic sexual potential and host specificity of Rhynchosporium species on grasses. BMC Genomics 17:953 (2016)
Schlegel, M.* et al.: Globally distributed root endophyte Phialocephala subalpina links pathogenic and saprophytic lifestyles. BMC Genomics 17:1015 (2016)
Trung, N.T.* ; Kremmer, E. & Mittler, G.*: Biochemical and cellular characterization of transcription factors binding to the hyperconserved core promoter-associated M4 motif. BMC Genomics 17:693 (2016)
Czaban, A.* et al.: Comparative transcriptome analysis within the Lolium/Festuca species complex reveals high sequence conservation. BMC Genomics 16:249 (2015)
Derdak, S.* et al.: Genomic characterization of mutant laboratory mouse strains by exome sequencing and annotation lift-over. BMC Genomics 16:351 (2015)
Mertes, F. et al.: Combined ultra-low input mRNA and whole-genome sequencing of human embryonic stem cells. BMC Genomics 16:925 (2015)
Ni, G.* et al.: Comparison among three variant callers and assessment of the accuracy of imputation from SNP array data to whole-genome sequence level in chicken. BMC Genomics 16:824 (2015)
Summerer, I. et al.: Integrative analysis of the microRNA-mRNA response to radiochemotherapy in primary head and neck squamous cell carcinoma cells. BMC Genomics 16:654 (2015)
Weinmaier, T.* et al.: Genomic factors related to tissue tropism in Chlamydia pneumoniae infection. BMC Genomics 16:268 (2015)