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Zielmann, M.L.* et al.: Autoantibodies against ATP4A are a feature of the abundant autoimmunity that develops in first-degree relatives of patients with type 1 diabetes. Pediatr. Diabetes 23, 714-720 (2022)
Smith, L.B.* ; Lynch, K.F.* ; Driscoll, K.A.* ; Johnson, S.B.* & TEDDY Study Group (Wendel, L. ; Winkler, C. ; Ziegler, A.-G. ; Hummel, S.): Parental monitoring for type 1 diabetes in genetically at-risk young children: The TEDDY study. Pediatr. Diabetes 22, 717-728 (2021)
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Silvis, K.* et al.: Maternal dietary supplement use and development of islet autoimmunity in the offspring: TEDDY study. Pediatr. Diabetes 20, 86-92 (2019)
Winkler, C. et al.: Identification of infants with increased type 1 diabetes genetic risk for enrollment into Primary Prevention Trials-GPPAD-02 study design and first results. Pediatr. Diabetes 20, 720-727 (2019)
Couper, J.J.* et al.: ISPAD Clinical Practice Consensus Guidelines 2018: Stages of type 1 diabetes in children and adolescents. Pediatr. Diabetes 19, 20-27 (2018)
Frohnert, B.I.* et al.: Prediction of type 1 diabetes using a genetic risk model in the Diabetes Autoimmunity Study in the Young. Pediatr. Diabetes 19, 277-283 (2018)
Heinrich, M. et al.: Fasting hypoglycemia is associated with disease progression in presymptomatic early stage type 1 diabetes. Pediatr. Diabetes 19, 1238-1242 (2018)
Smith, L.B.* et al.: Family adjustment to diabetes diagnosis in children: Can participation in a study on type 1 diabetes genetic risk be helpful? Pediatr. Diabetes 19, 1025-1033 (2018)
Steck, A.K.* et al.: Residual beta-cell function in diabetes children followed and diagnosed in the TEDDY study compared to community controls. Pediatr. Diabetes 18, 794-802 (2017)
Yassouridis, C.* ; Leisch, F.* ; Winkler, C. ; Ziegler, A.-G. & Beyerlein, A.: Associations of growth patterns and islet autoimmunity in children with increased risk for type 1 diabetes: A functional analysis approach. Pediatr. Diabetes 18, 103-110 (2017)
Warncke, K. et al.: Vascular risk factors in children, adolescents, and young adults with type 1 diabetes complicated by celiac disease: Results from the DPV initiative. Pediatr. Diabetes 17, 191-198 (2016)
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Giannopoulou, E.Z. et al.: Effect of a single autologous cord blood infusion on beta-cell and immune function in children with new onset type 1 diabetes: A non-randomized, controlled trial. Pediatr. Diabetes 15, 100-109 (2014)
Roth, R. et al.: Maternal anxiety about a child's diabetes risk in the TEDDY study: The potential role of life stress, postpartum depression, and risk perception. Pediatr. Diabetes 16, 287-298 (2014)
Stumpp, C.* ; Beyerlein, A. ; Ziegler, A.-G. & Bonifacio, E.*: Neonatal and infant beta cell hormone concentrations in relation to type 1 diabetes risk. Pediatr. Diabetes 15, 528-533 (2014)
Awa, W.L.* et al.: HLA-typing, clinical, and immunological characterization of youth with type 2 diabetes mellitus phenotype from the German/Austrian DPV database. Pediatr. Diabetes 14, 562-574 (2013)
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