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Dorling, L.* et al.: Breast cancer risks associated with missense variants in breast cancer susceptibility genes. Genome Med. 14:51 (2022)
Hawe, J. et al.: Network reconstruction for trans acting genetic loci using multi-omics data and prior information. Genome Med. 14:125 (2022)
Yépez, V.A.* et al.: Clinical implementation of RNA sequencing for Mendelian disease diagnostics. Genome Med. 14:38 (2022)
Chakaroun, R.M.* et al.: Circulating bacterial signature is linked to metabolic disease and shifts with metabolic alleviation after bariatric surgery. Genome Med. 13:105 (2021)
Yap, Z.Y.* et al.: Functional interpretation of ATAD3A variants in neuro-mitochondrial phenotypes. Genome Med. 13:55 (2021)
Binyamin, D.* et al.: The aging mouse microbiome has obesogenic characteristics. Genome Med. 12:87 (2020)
Di Maio, S.* et al.: Investigation of a nonsense mutation located in the complex KIV-2 copy number variation region of apolipoprotein(a) in 10,910 individuals. Genome Med. 12:74 (2020)
Gudmundsdottir, V.* et al.: Whole blood co-expression modules associate with metabolic traits and type 2 diabetes: An IMI-DIRECT study. Genome Med. 12:109 (2020)
Keller, M. et al.: DNA methylation signature in blood mirrors successful weight-loss during lifestyle interventions: The CENTRAL trial. Genome Med. 12:97 (2020)
de Oliveira, K.A.* et al.: A roadmap of constitutive NF-κB activity in Hodgkin lymphoma: Dominant roles of p50 and p52 revealed by genome-wide analyses. Genome Med. 8:28 (2016)
Klopstock, T.* ; Klopstock, B.* & Prokisch, H.: Mitochondrial replacement approaches: Challenges for clinical implementation. Genome Med. 8:126 (2016)
Kirschner, M.* et al.: Implementing systems medicine within healthcare. Genome Med. 7:102 (2015)
Köferle, A.* ; Stricker, S.H. & Beck, S.*: Brave new epigenomes: The dawn of epigenetic engineering. Genome Med. 7:59 (2015)
Köferle, A.* ; Stricker, S.H. & Beck, S.*: Erratum to: Brave new epigenomes: The dawn of epigenetic engineering. Genome Med. 7:75 (2015)
Shin, S.-Y.* et al.: Interrogating causal pathways linking genetic variants, small molecule metabolites and circulating lipids. Genome Med. 6:25 (2014)
Vogt, I. ; Prinz, J. & Campillos, M.: Molecularly and clinically related drugs and diseases are enriched in phenotypically similar drug-disease pairs. Genome Med. 6:52 (2014)
Raffler, J. et al.: Identification and MS-assisted interpretation of genetically influenced NMR signals in human plasma. Genome Med. 5:13 (2013)
Adamski, J.: Genome-wide association studies with metabolomics. Genome Med. 4:34 (2012)
Meiners, S. & Eickelberg, O.: Next-generation personalized drug discovery: The tripeptide GHK hits center stage in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Genome Med. 4:70 (2012)