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Alessandrini, F. et al.: Lung epithelial CYP1 activity regulates aryl hydrocarbon receptor dependent allergic airway inflammation. Front. Immunol. 13:901194 (2022)
Bassler, K.* et al.: Alveolar macrophages in early stage COPD show functional deviations with properties of impaired immune activation. Front. Immunol. 13:917232 (2022)
Behrens, G.* & Heissmeyer, V.: Cooperation of RNA-binding proteins - a focus on roquin function in T cells. Front. Immunol. 13:839762 (2022)
Chan, J.T.H.* ; Kadri, S. ; Köllner, B.* ; Rebl, A.* & Korytář, T.*: RNA-seq of single fish cells – seeking out the leukocytes mediating immunity in teleost fishes. Front. Immunol. 13:798712 (2022)
Meng, Z.* ; Liu, J.* ; Kosinska, A. & Lu, M.*: Editorial: Targeting the immune system to treat hepatitis B virus infection. Front. Immunol. 13:868616 (2022)
Musiol, S. et al.: TGF-β1 drives inflammatory Th cell but not treg cell compartment upon allergen exposure. Front. Immunol. 12:763243 (2022)
Ren, L.* et al.: Applications and immunological effects of quantum dots on respiratory system. Front. Immunol. 12:795232 (2022)
Sun, Z.J.* et al.: Construction of a lactate-related prognostic signature for predicting prognosis, tumor microenvironment, and immune response in kidney renal clear cell carcinoma. Front. Immunol. 13:818984 (2022)
Zauhar, R.* et al.: As in real estate, location matters: Cellular expression of complement varies between macular and peripheral regions of the retina and supporting Tissues. Front. Immunol. 13:895519 (2022)
Blank, S. & Hilger, C.*: Editorial: Novel advances in allergy diagnosis and treatment. Front. Immunol. 12:662699 (2021)
Brand, I.* et al.: Broad T cell targeting of structural proteins after SARS-CoV-2 infection: High throughput assessment of T cell reactivity using an automated interferon gamma release assay. Front. Immunol. 12:688436 (2021)
Chu, C.F.* et al.: Convalescent COVID-19 patients without comorbidities display similar immunophenotypes over time despite divergent disease severities. Front. Immunol. 12:601080 (2021)
Cirac, A.* et al.: Immunoinformatic analysis reveals antigenic heterogeneity of Epstein-Barr virus is immune-driven. Front. Immunol. 12:796379 (2021)
Grunewald, C.M.* et al.: Epigenetic priming of bladder cancer cells with decitabine increases cytotoxicity of human EGFR and CD44v6 CAR engineered T-cells. Front. Immunol. 12:782448 (2021)
Holmen Olofsson, G.* et al.: Vγ9Vδ2 T cells concurrently kill cancer cells and cross-present tumor antigens. Front. Immunol. 12:645131 (2021)
Hose, A.J.* et al.: Excessive unbalanced meat consumption in the first year of life increases asthma risk in the PASTURE and LUKAS2 birth cohorts. Front. Immunol. 12:651709 (2021)
Klopp, A. et al.: Depletion of T cells via inducible caspase 9 increases safety of adoptive T-cell therapy against chronic hepatitis B. Front. Immunol. 12:734246 (2021)
Körber, N. et al.: Hepatitis B vaccine non-responders show higher frequencies of CD24highCD38high regulatory B cells and lower levels of IL-10 expression compared to responders. Front. Immunol. 12:713351 (2021)
Linder, A.* et al.: Defective interfering genomes and the full-length viral genome trigger RIG-I after infection with vesicular stomatitis virus in a replication dependent manner. Front. Immunol. 12:595390 (2021)
Mishto, M.* ; Mansurkhodzhaev, A.* ; Rodriguez-Calvo, T. & Liepe, J.*: Potential mimicry of viral and pancreatic β cell antigens through non-spliced and cis-spliced zwitter epitope candidates in type 1 diabetes. Front. Immunol. 12:656451 (2021)