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Huan, T.* et al.: Integrative analysis of clinical and epigenetic biomarkers of mortality. Aging Cell:e13608 (2022)
Dall, K.B.* ; Havelund, J.F.* ; Harvald, E.B.* ; Witting,M. & Færgeman, N.J.*: HLH-30-dependent rewiring of metabolism during starvation in C. elegans. Aging Cell 20:e13342 (2021)
Rocchi, A.* et al.: REST/NRSF deficiency impairs autophagy and leads to cellular senescence in neurons. Aging Cell, DOI: 10.1111/acel.13471:e13471 (2021)
Kaptan, D.* et al.: Exogenous ethanol induces a metabolic switch that prolongs the survival of Caenorhabditis elegans dauer larva and enhances its resistance to desiccation. Aging Cell 19:e13214 (2020)
Graja, A.* et al.: Loss of periostin occurs in aging adipose tissue of mice and its genetic ablation impairs adipose tissue lipid metabolism. Aging Cell 17:e12810 (2018)
Flachsbart, F.* et al.: Immunochip analysis identifies association of the RAD50/IL13 region with human longevity. Aging Cell 15, 585-588 (2016)
Höfling, C.* et al.: Differential transgene expression patterns in Alzheimer mouse models revealed by novel human amyloid precursor protein-specific antibodies. Aging Cell 15, 953-963 (2016)
Zierer, J. ; Menni, C.* ; Kastenmüller, G. & Spector, T.D.*: Integration of 'omics' data in aging research: From biomarkers to systems biology. Aging Cell 14, 933–944 (2015)
Yu, Z. et al.: Human serum metabolic profiles are age dependent. Aging Cell 11, 960-967 (2012)