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Hofmann, I.* et al.: Linkage between growth retardation and pituitary cell morphology in a dystrophin-deficient pig model of Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Growth Horm. IGF Res. 51, 6-16 (2020)
Rzehak, P.* et al.: Associations of IGF-1 gene variants and milk protein intake with IGF-I concentrations in infants at age 6 months - results from a randomized clinical trial. Growth Horm. IGF Res. 23, 149-158 (2013)
Lahm, H.* et al.: Diethylnitrosamine induces long-lasting re-expression of insulin-like growth factor II during early stages of liver carcinogenesis in mice. Growth Horm. IGF Res. 12, 69-79 (2002)