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Gilly, A. et al.: Gene-based whole genome sequencing meta-analysis of 250 circulating proteins in three isolated European populations. Mol. Metab. 61:101509 (2022)
Hrovatin, K. ; Fischer, D.S. & Theis, F.J.: Toward modeling metabolic state from single-cell transcriptomics Mol. Metab. 57:101396 (2022)
Kotschi, S.* et al.: NFE2L1-mediated proteasome function protects from ferroptosis. Mol. Metab. 57:101436 (2022)
Oeckl, J.* et al.: Loss of UCP1 function augments recruitment of futile lipid cycling for thermogenesis in murine brown fat. Mol. Metab. 61:101499 (2022)
van Eenige, R.* et al.: Angiopoietin-like 4 governs diurnal lipoprotein lipase activity in brown adipose tissue. Mol. Metab. 60:101497 (2022)
Wang, J. et al.: PAT2 regulates vATPase assembly and lysosomal acidification in brown adipocytes. Mol. Metab. 61:101508 (2022)
Willemsen, N.* ; Arigoni, I.* ; Studencka-Turski, M.* ; Kruger, E.* & Bartelt, A.: Proteasome dysfunction disrupts adipogenesis and induces inflammation via ATF3. Mol. Metab. 62:101518 (2022)
Wolff, G. et al.: Hepatocyte-specific activity of TSC22D4 triggers progressive NAFLD by impairing mitochondrial function. Mol. Metab. 60:101487 (2022)
Altamura, S.* et al.: Iron aggravates hepatic insulin resistance in the absence of inflammation in a novel db/db mouse model with iron overload. Mol. Metab. 51:101235 (2021)
Chhabra, N.F. et al.: A point mutation in the Pdia6 gene results in loss of pancreatic β-cell identity causing overt diabetes. Mol. Metab. 54:101334 (2021)
Fasoula, N.-A. et al.: Multicompartmental non-invasive sensing of postprandial lipemia in humans with multispectral optoacoustic tomography. Mol. Metab. 47:101184 (2021)
Gonzales García, I. ; Le Thuc, O. ; Jastroch, M. & García-Cáceres, C.: Divide et impera: How mitochondrial fission in astrocytes rules obesity. Mol. Metab. 45:101159 (2021)
Ha, E.E.* et al.: Adipocyte-specific tribbles pseudokinase 1 regulates plasma adiponectin and plasma lipids in mice. Mol. Metab. 56:101412 (2021)
Hoene, M.* et al.: Exercise prevents fatty liver by modifying the compensatory response of mitochondrial metabolism to excess substrate availability. Mol. Metab. 54:101359 (2021)
Hörber, S. et al.: Hemostatic alterations linked to body fat distribution, fatty liver and insulin resistance. Mol. Metab. 53:101262 (2021)
Klaus, V. et al.: Correlation guided Network Integration (CoNI) reveals novel genes affecting hepatic metabolism. Mol. Metab. 53, 101295 (2021)
Lemmer, I.L. ; Willemsen, N.* ; Hilal, N.* & Bartelt, A.: A guide to understanding endoplasmic reticulum stress in metabolic disorders. Mol. Metab. 47:101169 (2021)
Novikoff, A. et al.: Spatiotemporal GLP-1 and GIPR receptor signaling and trafficking/recycling dynamics induced by selected receptor mono- and dual-agonists. Mol. Metab. 49:101181 (2021)
Oppenländer, L. et al.: Vertical sleeve gastrectomy triggers fast β-cell recovery upon overt diabetes. Mol. Metab. 54:101330 (2021)
Ruiz Ojeda, F.J. et al.: Active integrins regulate white adipose tissue insulin sensitivity and brown fat thermogenesis. Mol. Metab. 45:101147 (2021)