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Abu-Farha, M.* ; Hofmann, S.M. & Ali, H.*: Editorial: Covid-19 and diabetes. Front. Endocrin. 13:933562 (2022)
Al-Saoudi, E.* et al.: Advanced glycation end-products are associated with diabetic neuropathy in young adults with type 1 diabetes. Front. Endocrin. 13:891442 (2022)
Altun, I. ; Yan, X. & Ussar, S.: Immune cell regulation of white adipose progenitor cell fate. Front. Endocrin. 13:859044 (2022)
Blüher, M. & Mueller-Wieland, D.*: Editorial: Adipose tissue dysfunction. Front. Endocrin. 13:999188 (2022)
Lau, L.H.Y. et al.: Associations of endogenous androgens and sex hormone-binding globulin with kidney function and chronic kidney disease. Front. Endocrin. 13:1000650 (2022)
Li, Z.* et al.: Diagnostic performance of sex-specific modified metabolite patterns in urine for screening of prediabetes. Front. Endocrin. 13:935016 (2022)
Nono Nankam, P.A. ; Cornely, M.* ; Klöting, N. & Blüher, M.: Is subcutaneous adipose tissue expansion in people living with lipedema healthier and reflected by circulating parameters? Front. Endocrin. 13:1000094 (2022)
Tan, Q.* et al.: Recent advances in incretin-based pharmacotherapies for the treatment of obesity and diabetes. Front. Endocrin. 13:838410 (2022)
Wagner, R. et al.: Postprandial dynamics of proglucagon cleavage products and their relation to metabolic health. Front. Endocrin. 13:892677 (2022)
Brusko, T.M.* ; Mallone, R.* & Rodriguez-Calvo, T.: Editorial: Footprints of immune cells in the type 1 diabetic pancreas. Front. Endocrin. 12:767012 (2021)
Chondronikola, M.* ; Bartelt, A. ; Vidal-Puig, A.* & Virtanen, K.A.*: Editorial: Brown adipose tissue: From heat production in rodents to metabolic health in humans. Front. Endocrin. 12:739065 (2021)
Di Franco, S.* ; Pellegata, N.S. ; Luconi, M.* & Stassi, G.*: Editorial: Stem cells in endocrine tumors. Front. Endocrin. 12:722790 (2021)
Fritsche, A. ; Szendrödi, J.* & Schürmann, A.*: Editorial: Intermittent fasting - mechanisms and clinical usefulness. Front. Endocrin. 12:757539 (2021)
Kopf, S.* et al.: Diabetic pneumopathy-a new diabetes-associated complication: Mechanisms, consequences and treatment considerations. Front. Endocrin. 12:765201 (2021)
März, J.* et al.: Plasma metabolome profiling for the diagnosis of catecholamine producing tumors. Front. Endocrin. 12:722656 (2021)
Massier, L.* ; Blüher, M. ; Kovacs, P.* & Chakaroun, R.M.*: Impaired intestinal barrier and tissue bacteria: Pathomechanisms for metabolic diseases. Front. Endocrin. 12:616506 (2021)
Muley, C.* ; Kotschi, S.* & Bartelt, A.: Role of ubiquilins for brown adipocyte proteostasis and thermogenesis. Front. Endocrin. 12:739021 (2021)
Rønningen, T.* et al.: m6A regulators in human adipose tissue - depot-specificity and correlation with obesity. Front. Endocrin. 12:778875 (2021)
Spears, E.* ; Serafimidis, I.* ; Powers, A.C.* & Gavalas, A.: Debates in pancreatic beta cell biology: Proliferation versus progenitor differentiation and transdifferentiation in restoring β cell mass. Front. Endocrin. 12:722250 (2021)
Scherm, M.G. & Daniel, C.: miRNA-mediated immune regulation in islet autoimmunity and type 1 diabetes. Front. Endocrin. 11:606322 (2020)