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Spiegel, E ; Kneib, T.* ; von Gablenz, P.* & Otto‐Sobotka, F.*: Generalized expectile regression with flexible response function. Biom. J. 63, 1028-1051 (2021)
Kurz, C.F. & Stafford, S.*: Isolating cost drivers in interstitial lung disease treatment using nonparametric Bayesian methods. Biom. J. 62, 1896-1908 (2020)
Deffner, V.* et al.: Mixtures of Berkson and classical covariate measurement error in the linear mixed model: Bias analysis and application to a study on ultrafine particles. Biom. J. 60, 480-497 (2018)
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Tritschler, J.: A Semi-Markov Modell for the Progression of the HVI-Infection. Biom. J. 2 (1989)
Chambless, L.: On the Use of Two-Stage Cluster Samples in Epidemiological Population Studies. Biom. J. 30, 313-328 (1988)