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Bao, X.* et al.: Integrated analysis of single-cell RNA-seq and bulk RNA-seq unravels tumour heterogeneity plus M2-like tumour-associated macrophage infiltration and aggressiveness in TNBC. Cancer Immunol. Immunother. 70, 189-202 (2021)
Scheuerpflug, A.C. et al.: The role of dendritic cells for therapy of B-cell lymphoma with immune checkpoint inhibitors. Cancer Immunol. Immunother. 70, 1343–1350 (2021)
Thaiss, W.M.* et al.: Noninvasive, longitudinal imaging-based analysis of body adipose tissue and water composition in a melanoma mouse model and in immune checkpoint inhibitor-treated metastatic melanoma patients. Cancer Immunol. Immunother. 70, 1263-1275 (2021)
Metzger, P.* et al.: Systemic but not MDSC-specific IRF4 deficiency promotes an immunosuppressed tumor microenvironment in a murine pancreatic cancer model. Cancer Immunol. Immunother. 69, 2101–2112 (2020)
Orth, M.F.* et al.: A comparative view on the expression patterns of PD-L1 and PD-1 in soft tissue sarcomas. Cancer Immunol. Immunother. 69, 1353-1362 (2020)
Gouttefangeas, C.* ; Schuhmacher, J.* & Dimitrov, S.: Adhering to adhesion: Assessing integrin conformation to monitor T cells. Cancer Immunol. Immunother. 68, 1855-1863 (2019)
Cirac, A. et al.: Epstein-Barr virus strain heterogeneity impairs human T-cell immunity. Cancer Immunol. Immunother. 67, 663-674 (2018)
Dislich, B.* et al.: Expression patterns of programmed death-ligand 1 in esophageal adenocarcinomas: Comparison between primary tumors and metastases. Cancer Immunol. Immunother. 66, 777-786 (2017)
Lichtenegger, F.S. et al.: RNA and protein expression of Herpesvirus Entry Mediator (HVEM) is associated with molecular markers, immunity-related pathways and relapse-free survival of patients with AML. Cancer Immunol. Immunother. 64, 1505-1515 (2015)
Schilling, D. ; Kühnel, A.* ; Tetzlaff, F.* ; Konrad, S.* & Multhoff, G.: NZ28-induced inhibition of HSF1, SP1 and NF-κB triggers the loss of the natural killer cell-activating ligands MICA/B on human tumor cells. Cancer Immunol. Immunother. 64, 599-608 (2015)
Naujoks, M. et al.: Alterations of costimulatory molecules and instructive cytokines expressed by dendritic cells in the microenvironment of an endogenous mouse lymphoma. Cancer Immunol. Immunother. 63, 491-499 (2014)
Subklewe, M. et al.: New generation dendritic cell vaccine for immunotherapy of acute myeloid leukemia. Cancer Immunol. Immunother. 63, 1093-1103 (2014)
Battke, C. et al.: Generation and characterization of the first inhibitory antibody targeting tumour-associated carbonic anhydrase XII. Cancer Immunol. Immunother. 60, 649-658 (2011)
Battke, C. et al.: Tumour exosomes inhibit binding of tumour-reactive antibodies to tumour cells and reduce ADCC. Cancer Immunol. Immunother. 60, 639-648 (2011)
Bukur, J.* ; Nößner, E. & Seliger, B.*: 'Tumor immunology meets oncology (TIMO) VII' from 15th to 16th of April 2011 in Halle/Saale, Germany. Cancer Immunol. Immunother. 60, 1647-1653 (2011)
Roider, E.* et al.: Invasion and destruction of a murine fibrosarcoma by Salmonella-induced effector CD8 T cells as a therapeutic intervention against cancer. Cancer Immunol. Immunother. 60, 371-380 (2011)
Djafarzadeh, R.* et al.: TIMP-1-GPI in combination with hyperthermic treatment of melanoma increases sensitivity to FAS-mediated apoptosis. Cancer Immunol. Immunother. 58, 361-371 (2009)
Bernhard, H. et al.: Adoptive transfer of autologous, HER2-specific, cytotoxic T lymphocytes for the treatment of HER2-overexpressing breast cancer. Cancer Immunol. Immunother. 57, 271-280 (2008)
Lang, S.* et al.: Immune restoration in head and neck cancer patients after in vivo COX-2 inhibition. Cancer Immunol. Immunother. 56, 1645-1652 (2007)
Hacker, U.T.* et al.: Gene transfer preferentially selects MHC class I positive tumour cells and enhances tumour immunogenicity. Cancer Immunol. Immunother. 55, 547-557 (2006)