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Murthy, S.* et al.: Danger signal extracellular calcium initiates differentiation of monocytes into SPP1/osteopontin-producing macrophages. Cell Death Dis. 13:53 (2022)
Shahzad, T.* et al.: TRAIL protects the immature lung from hyperoxic injury. Cell Death Dis. 13:614 (2022)
Tonnus, W.* et al.: Rubicon-deficiency sensitizes mice to mixed lineage kinase domain-like (MLKL)-mediated kidney ischemia-reperfusion injury. Cell Death Dis. 13:236 (2022)
Tonnus, W.* et al.: Gasdermin D-deficient mice are hypersensitive to acute kidney injury. Cell Death Dis. 13:792 (2022)
Werner, M. et al.: ROBO3s: A novel ROBO3 short isoform promoting breast cancer aggressiveness. Cell Death Dis. 13:762 (2022)
Buffolo, F.* et al.: Neuroinflammation induces synaptic scaling through IL-1β-mediated activation of the transcriptional repressor REST/NRSF. Cell Death Dis. 12:180 (2021)
Egea, V.* et al.: Let-7f miRNA regulates SDF-1α- and hypoxia-promoted migration of mesenchymal stem cells and attenuates mammary tumor growth upon exosomal release. Cell Death Dis. 12:516 (2021)
Maier, J.P.* et al.: Inhibition of metabotropic glutamate receptor III facilitates sensitization to alkylating chemotherapeutics in glioblastoma. Cell Death Dis. 12:723 (2021)
Schoetz, U.* et al.: Early senescence and production of senescence-associated cytokines are major determinants of radioresistance in head-and-neck squamous cell carcinoma. Cell Death Dis. 12:1162 (2021)
Sun, Y.* et al.: Fin56-induced ferroptosis is supported by autophagy-mediated GPX4 degradation and functions synergistically with mTOR inhibition to kill bladder cancer cells. Cell Death Dis. 12:1028 (2021)
Zheng, J. et al.: Sorafenib fails to trigger ferroptosis across a wide range of cancer cell lines. Cell Death Dis. 12:698 (2021)
Chakroun, T.* et al.: Alpha-synuclein fragments trigger distinct aggregation pathways. Cell Death Dis. 11:84 (2020)
Weigand, I.* et al.: Active steroid hormone synthesis renders adrenocortical cells highly susceptible to type II ferroptosis induction. Cell Death Dis. 11:192 (2020)
Gerlini, R. et al.: Double knock-out of Hmga1 and Hipk2 genes causes perinatal death associated to respiratory distress and thyroid abnormalities in mice. Cell Death Dis. 10:747 (2019)
Fussi, N.* et al.: Exosomal secretion of alpha-synuclein as protective mechanism after upstream blockage of macroautophagy. Cell Death Dis. 9:757 (2018)
Scherr, A.L.* et al.: Bcl-xL is an oncogenic driver in colorectal cancer. Cell Death Dis. 7:e2342 (2016)
Dolga, A.M.* et al.: Subcellular expression and neuroprotective effects of SK channels in human dopaminergic neurons. Cell Death Dis. 5:e999 (2014)
Ewald, F.* et al.: Constitutive expression of murine c-FLIPR causes autoimmunity in aged mice. Cell Death Dis. 5:e1168 (2014)
Foerster, F.* et al.: Targeting the actin cytoskeleton: Selective antitumor action via trapping PKCɛ. Cell Death Dis. 5:e1398 (2014)
Peng, X.* et al.: Sec-containing TrxR1 is essential for self-sufficiency of cells by control of glucose-derived H2O2. Cell Death Dis. 5:e1235 (2014)