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Hermann, F.M.* et al.: An insulin hypersecretion phenotype precedes pancreatic β cell failure in MODY3 patient-specific cells. Cell Stem Cell 30, 38-51.e8 (2023)
Grapin-Botton, A. & Ludwig, B.: Stem cell-derived β cells go in monkeys. Cell Stem Cell 29, 500-502 (2022)
Breunig, M.* et al.: Modeling plasticity and dysplasia of pancreatic ductal organoids derived from human pluripotent stem cells. Cell Stem Cell 28, 1105-1124.e19 (2021)
Padmanabhan Nair, V. et al.: Activation of HERV-K(HML-2) disrupts cortical patterning and neuronal differentiation by increasing NTRK3. Cell Stem Cell 28, 1566-1581.e8 (2021)
Russo, G.L. et al.: CRISPR-mediated induction of neuron-enriched mitochondrial proteins boosts direct glia-to-neuron conversion. Cell Stem Cell 28, 524-534.e7 (2021)
Kjell, J. et al.: Defining the adult neural stem cell niche proteome identifies key regulators of adult neurogenesis. Cell Stem Cell 26, 277-293.e8 (2020)
Cossec, J.C.* et al.: SUMO safeguards somatic and pluripotent cell identities by enforcing distinct chromatin states. Cell Stem Cell 23, 742-757.e8 (2018)
Petrik, D. et al.: Epithelial sodium channel regulates adult neural stem cell proliferation in a flow-dependent manner. Cell Stem Cell 22, 865-878.e8 (2018)
Böttcher, A. ; Lickert, H. & Tschöp, M.H.: Engineering skin with skinny genes. Cell Stem Cell 21, 153-155 (2017)
Gascón, S. ; Masserdotti, G. ; Russo, G.L. & Götz, M.: Direct neuronal reprogramming: Achievements, hurdles, and new roads to success. Cell Stem Cell 21, 18-34 (2017)
Gascón, S. et al.: Identification and successful negotiation of a metabolic checkpoint in direct neuronal repogramming. Cell Stem Cell 18, 396-409 (2016)
Wernig, M.* ; Götz, M. & Eto, K.*: Overcoming iPSC Obstacles. Cell Stem Cell 19, 291-292 (2016)
Faiz, M.* et al.: Adult neural stem cells from the subventricular zone give rise to reactive astrocytes in the cortex after stroke. Cell Stem Cell 17, 624-634 (2015)
Masserdotti, G. et al.: Transcriptional mechanisms of proneural factors and REST in regulating neuronal reprogramming of astrocytes. Cell Stem Cell 17, 74-88 (2015)
Wilson, N.K.* et al.: Combined single-cell functional and gene expression analysis resolves heterogeneity within stem cell populations. Cell Stem Cell 16, 712-724 (2015)
Filipczyk, A. et al.: Biallelic expression of nanog protein in mouse embryonic stem cells. Cell Stem Cell 13, 12-13 (2013)
Ninkovic, J. et al.: The BAF complex interacts with Pax6 in adult neural progenitors to establish a neurogenic cross-regulatory transcriptional network. Cell Stem Cell 13, 403-418 (2013)
Sirko, S. et al.: Reactive glia in the injured brain acquire stem cell properties in response to sonic hedgehog. Cell Stem Cell 12, 426-439 (2013)
Brookes, E.* et al.: Polycomb associates genome-wide with a specific RNA polymerase II variant, and regulates metabolic genes in ESCs. Cell Stem Cell 10, 157-170 (2012)
Karow, M.* et al.: Reprogramming of pericyte-derived cells of the adult human brain into induced neuronal cells. Cell Stem Cell 11, 471-476 (2012)