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Valera, G. et al.: A neuronal blueprint for directional mechanosensation in larval zebrafish. Curr. Biol. 31, 1463-1475.e6 (2021)
Dreosti, E.* & López-Schier, H.: Animal behaviour: Learning social distancing. Curr. Biol. 30, R1275-R1276 (2020)
Kozak, E.L. et al.: Epithelial planar bipolarity emerges from Notch-mediated asymmetric inhibition of Emx2. Curr. Biol. 30, 1142-1151 (2020)
Philippe, H.* et al.: Mitigating anticipated effects of systematic errors supports sister-group relationship between Xenacoelomorpha and Ambulacraria. Curr. Biol. 29, 1818-1826.e6 (2019)
Yoshida, S.* et al.: Genome sequence of Striga asiatica provides insight into the evolution of plant parasitism. Curr. Biol. 29, 3041-3052.e4 (2019)
Böhm, J.* et al.: Understanding the molecular basis of salt sequestration in epidermal bladder cells of Chenopodium quinoa. Curr. Biol. 28, 3075-3085.e7 (2018)
Günther, A.* et al.: Double-cone localization and seasonal expression pattern suggest a role in magnetoreception for European robin Ccyptochrome 4. Curr. Biol. 28, 211-223.e4 (2018)
Schäfer, N.* et al.: A tandem amino acid residue motif in guard cell SLAC1 anion channel of grasses allows for the control of stomatal aperture by nitrate. Curr. Biol. 28, 1370-U145 (2018)
Kozak, E.L. & López-Schier, H.: Sensory systems: Electrifying news from the ocean. Curr. Biol. 27, R1327-R1329 (2017)
Xiao, Y. ; Tian, W.* & López-Schier, H.: Optogenetic stimulation of neuronal repair. Curr. Biol. 25, R1-R3 (2015)
Pujol-Martí, J. et al.: Converging axons collectively initiate and maintain synaptic selectivity in a constantly remodeling sensory organ. Curr. Biol. 24, 2968-2974 (2014)
Cioni, J.-M.* et al.: SEMA3A signaling controls layer-specific interneuron branching in the cerebellum. Curr. Biol. 23, 850-861 (2013)
Lao, O.* et al.: Correlation between genetic and geographic structure in Europe. Curr. Biol. 18, 1241-1248 (2008)
Buschmann, H. et al.: Helical growth of the Arabidopsis mutant tortifolia1 reveals a plant-specific microtubule-associated protein. Curr. Biol. 14, 1515-1521 (2004)