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Englert, L. ; Riobo, L. ; Schönmann, C. ; Ntziachristos, V. & Aguirre Bueno, J.: Enabling the autofocus approach for parameter optimization in planar measurement geometry clinical optoacoustic imaging. J. Biophotonics 15:e202200032 (2022)
Muhammad, M.H. ; Prakash, J. ; Liapis, E. ; Ntziachristos, V. & Jüstel, D.: Weighted model-based optoacoustic reconstruction for partial-view geometries. J. Biophotonics 15:e202100334 (2022)
Kellnberger, S.* et al.: Intravascular molecular-structural imaging with a miniaturized integrated near-infrared fluorescence and ultrasound catheter. J. Biophotonics 14:e202100048 (2021)
Lu, T.* et al.: LV-GAN: A deep learning approach for limited-view optoacoustic imaging based on hybrid datasets. J. Biophotonics 14, e202000325 (2021)
Ülgen, O. ; Shnaiderman, R. ; Zakian Dominguez, C.M. & Ntziachristos, V.: Interferometric optical fiber sensor for optoacoustic endomicroscopy. J. Biophotonics 14:e202000501 (2021)
Karlas, A. et al.: Multispectral optoacoustic tomography of muscle perfusion and oxygenation under arterial and venous occlusion: A human pilot study. J. Biophotonics 13:e201960169 (2020)
He, H. et al.: Capsule optoacoustic endoscopy for esophageal imaging. J. Biophotonics 12:e201800439 (2019)
Li, X.* et al.: Optoacoustic mesoscopy analysis and quantitative estimation of specific imaging metrics in Fitzpatrick skin phototypes II to V. J. Biophotonics 12:e201800442 (2019)
Mc Larney, B. et al.: Uniform light delivery in volumetric optoacoustic tomography. J. Biophotonics 12:e201800387 (2019)
Yang, H. ; Olefir, I. ; Tzoumas, S.* & Ntziachristos, V.: Synthetic data framework to estimate the minimum detectable concentration of contrast agents for multispectral optoacoustic imaging of small animals. J. Biophotonics 12:e201900021 (2019)
Bauer, A.* et al.: IR-spectroscopy of skin in vivo: Optimal skin sites and properties for non-invasive glucose measurement by photoacoustic and photothermal spectroscopy. J. Biophotonics 11:e201600261 (2018)
Berezhnoi, A. et al.: Assessing hyperthermia-induced vasodilation in human skin in vivo using optoacoustic mesoscopy. J. Biophotonics 11:e201700359 (2018)
Bozhko, D. ; Karlas, A. ; Gorpas, D. & Ntziachristos, V.: Optoacoustic sensing of hematocrit to improve the accuracy of hybrid fluorescence-ultrasound intravascular imaging. J. Biophotonics 11:e201700255 (2018)
Malekzadeh Najafabadi, J.* ; Prakash, J. & Ntziachristos, V.: Nonlinear optoacoustic readings from diffusive media at near-infrared wavelengths. J. Biophotonics 11:e201600310 (2018)
Masthoff, M.* et al.: Multispectral optoacoustic tomography of systemic sclerosis. J. Biophotonics 11, e201800155 (2018)
Rebling, J. et al.: Dual-wavelength hybrid optoacoustic-ultrasound biomicroscopy for functional imaging of large-scale cerebral vascular networks. J. Biophotonics 11:e201800057 (2018)
Bühler, A. ; Diot, G. ; Volz, T.* ; Kohlmeyer, J.* & Ntziachristos, V.: Imaging of fatty tumors: Appearance of subcutaneous lipomas in optoacoustic images. J. Biophotonics 10, 983-989 (2017)
Englhard, A.S.* et al.: Confocal laser endomicroscopy in head and neck malignancies using FITC-labelled EpCAM- and EGF-R-antibodies in cell lines and tumor biopsies. J. Biophotonics 10, 1365–1376 (2017)
Attia, A.B.E.* et al.: Multispectral optoacoustic and MRI coregistration for molecular imaging of orthotopic model of human glioblastoma. J. Biophotonics 9, 701-708 (2016)
Choi, S.S.* et al.: Wavelength-Modulated Differential Photoacoustic Spectroscopy (WM-DPAS) for noninvasive early cancer detection and tissue hypoxia monitoring. J. Biophotonics 9, 388-395 (2016)