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Liu, X.* et al.: Levels and drivers of urban black carbon and health risk assessment during pre- and COVID19 lockdown in Augsburg, Germany. Environ. Pollut. 316:120529 (2023)
Ivorra, L.* ; Cruzeiro, C. ; Ramos, A.* ; Tagulao, K.* & Cardoso, P.G.*: How can environmental conditions influence dicofol genotoxicity on the edible Asiatic clam, Meretrix meretrix? Environ. Pollut. 293:118467 (2022)
Jeong, S. et al.: Aerosol emissions from a marine diesel engine running on different fuels and effects of exhaust gas cleaning measures. Environ. Pollut. 316:120526 (2022)
Ni, W. et al.: Short-term effects of cold spells on plasma viscosity: Results from the KORA cohort study in Augsburg, Germany. Environ. Pollut. 302:119071 (2022)
Shahne, M.Z.* et al.: Corrigendum: “Particulate emissions of real-world light-duty gasoline vehicle fleet in Iran” (Environmental Pollution (2022) 292(PA), (118303), (S0269749121018856), (10.1016/j.envpol.2021.118303)). Environ. Pollut. 300:118910 (2022)
Zadel, U. et al.: Exudates from Miscanthus x giganteus change the response of a root-associated Pseudomonas putida strain towards heavy metals. Environ. Pollut. 313:119989 (2022)
Zhang, S. et al.: Short-term effects of ultrafine particles on heart rate variability: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Environ. Pollut. 314:120245 (2022)
Liu, X. et al.: Air pollution in Germany: Spatio-temporal variations and their driving factors based on continuous data from 2008 to 2018. Environ. Pollut. 276:116732 (2021)
Zhang, S. et al.: Association between short-term exposure to ambient fine particulate matter and myocardial injury in the CATHGEN cohort. Environ. Pollut. 275:116663 (2021)
Liu, K.* et al.: Benefits of influenza vaccination on the associations between ambient air pollution and allergic respiratory diseases in children and adolescents: New insights from the Seven Northeastern Cities study in China. Environ. Pollut. 256:113434 (2020)
Lorelei de Jesus, A.* et al.: Long-term trends in PM2.5 mass and particle number concentrations in urban air: The impacts of mitigation measures and extreme events due to changing climates. Environ. Pollut. 263:114500 (2020)
Xiao, X.* et al.: Greenness around schools associated with lower risk of hypertension among children: Findings from the Seven Northeastern Cities Study in China. Environ. Pollut. 256:113422 (2020)
Markevych, I. et al.: Residential and school greenspace and academic performance: Evidence from the GINIplus and LISA longitudinal studies of German adolescents. Environ. Pollut. 245, 71-76 (2019)
Yang, B.Y.* et al.: Residential greenness and blood lipids in urban-dwelling adults: The 33 Communities Chinese Health Study. Environ. Pollut. 250, 14-22 (2019)
Zhao, T. et al.: Short-term exposure to ambient ozone and inflammatory biomarkers in cross-sectional studies of children and adolescents: Results of the GINIplus and LISA birth cohorts. Environ. Pollut. 255:113264 (2019)
Du, B.* et al.: Physiological responses of date palm (Phoenix dactylifera) seedlings to acute ozone exposure at high temperature. Environ. Pollut. 242, 905-913 (2018)
Hu, B.* et al.: VOC emissions and carbon balance of two bioenergy plantations in response to nitrogen fertilization: A comparison of Miscanthus and Salix. Environ. Pollut. 237, 205-217 (2018)
Zhao, F. et al.: Pollen of common ragweed (Ambrosia artemisiifolia L.): Illumina-based de novo sequencing and differential transcript expression upon elevated NO2/O3. Environ. Pollut. 224, 503-514 (2017)
Bussian, B.M.* et al.: Persistent endosulfan sulfate is found with highest abundance among endosulfan I, II, and sulfate in German forest soils. Environ. Pollut. 206, 661-666 (2015)
Jochner, S.* et al.: The effects of short- and long-term air pollutants on plant phenology and leaf characteristics. Environ. Pollut. 206, 382-389 (2015)