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Ronkainen, J.* et al.: Maternal haemoglobin levels in pregnancy and child DNA methylation: A study in the pregnancy and childhood epigenetics consortium. Epigenetics 17, 19-31 (2022)
Carmona, J.J.* et al.: Metastable DNA methylation sites associated with longitudinal lung function decline and aging in humans: An epigenome-wide study in the NAS and KORA cohorts. Epigenetics 13, 1039-1055 (2018)
Eid, A.* & Torres-Padilla, M.E.: Characterization of non-canonical polycomb repressive complex 1 subunits during early mouse embryogenesis. Epigenetics 11, 389-397 (2016)
Vineis, P.* et al.: DNA methylation changes associated with cancer risk factors and blood levels of vitamin metabolites in a prospective study. Epigenetics 6, 195-201 (2011)