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Luedemann, M.* et al.: Montelukast is a dual-purpose inhibitor of SARS-CoV-2 infection and virus-induced IL-6 expression identified by structure-based drug repurposing. Comp. Struc. Biotech. J. 20, 799-811 (2022)
Margreiter, M.A.* et al.: Small-molecule modulators of TRMT2A decrease PolyQ aggregation and PolyQ-induced cell death. Comp. Struc. Biotech. J. 20, 443-458 (2022)
Fino, R. et al.: Introducing the CSP analyzer: A novel machine learning-based application for automated analysis of two-dimensional NMR spectra in NMR fragment-based screening. Comp. Struc. Biotech. J. 18, 603-611 (2020)
Höllbacher, B. ; Balazs, K. ; Heinig, M. & Uhlenhaut, N.H.: Seq-ing answers: Current data integration approaches to uncover mechanisms of transcriptional regulation. Comp. Struc. Biotech. J. 18, 1330-1341 (2020)
Bartel, J. ; Krumsiek, J. & Theis, F.J.: Statistical methods for the analysis of high-throughput metabolomics data. Comp. Struc. Biotech. J. 4:e201301009 (2013)
Brandmaier, S. & Tetko, I.V.: Robustness in experimental design: A study on the reliability of selection approaches. Comp. Struc. Biotech. J. 7:e201305002 (2013)