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Kirwan, J.A.* et al.: Quality assurance and quality control reporting in untargeted metabolic phenotyping: mQACC recommendations for analytical quality management. Metabolomics 18:70 (2022)
Spanier, B.* et al.: Correction to: Comparison of lipidome profiles of Caenorhabditis elegans-results from an inter-laboratory ring trial. Metabolomics 17:33 (2021)
Spanier, B.* et al.: Comparison of lipidome profiles of Caenorhabditis elegans—results from an inter-laboratory ring trial. Metabolomics 17:25 (2021)
Gängler, S.* et al.: Exposure to disinfection byproducts and risk of type 2 diabetes: A nested case–control study in the HUNT and Lifelines cohorts. Metabolomics 15:60 (2019)
Rangel-Huerta, O.D.* ; Pastor-Villaescusa, B. & Gil, A.*: Are we close to defining a metabolomic signature of human obesity? A systematic review of metabolomics studies. Metabolomics 15:93 (2019)
Do, K.T. et al.: Characterization of missing values in untargeted MS-based metabolomics data and evaluation of missing data handling strategies. Metabolomics 14:128 (2018)
Li-Gao, R.* et al.: Postprandial metabolite profiles associated with type 2 diabetes clearly stratify individuals with impaired fasting glucose. Metabolomics 14:13 (2018)
Zukunft, S. et al.: High-throughput extraction and quantification method for targeted metabolomics in murine tissues. Metabolomics 14:18 (2018)
Boon, M.R.* et al.: LysoPC-acyl C16:0 is associated with brown adipose tissue activity in men. Metabolomics 13:48 (2017)
Rotter, M. et al.: Stability of targeted metabolite profiles of urine samples under different storage conditions. Metabolomics 13:4 (2017)
Sadri, H.* et al.: Cinnamon: Does it hold its promises in cows? Using non-targeted blood serum metabolomics profiling to test the effects of feeding cinnamon to dairy cows undergoing lactation-induced insulin resistance. Metabolomics 13:28 (2017)
Beger, R.D.* et al.: Metabolomics enables precision medicine: “A White Paper, Community Perspective”. Metabolomics 12, 149 (2016)
Lee, H.S.* et al.: Identification of putative biomarkers for type 2 diabetes using metabolomics in the Korea Association REsource (KARE) cohort. Metabolomics 12:178 (2016)
Liu, Y. et al.: New molecular evidence of wine yeast-bacteria interaction unraveled by non-targeted exometabolomic profiling. Metabolomics 12:69 (2016)
Mastrokolias, A.* et al.: Integration of targeted metabolomics and transcriptomics identifies deregulation of phosphatidylcholine metabolism in Huntington’s disease peripheral blood samples. Metabolomics 12:137 (2016)
Muschet, C. et al.: Removing the bottlenecks of cell culture metabolomics: Fast normalization procedure, correlation of metabolites to cell number, and impact of the cell harvesting method. Metabolomics 12:151 (2016)
Rolle-Kampczyk, U.E.* et al.: Metabolomics reveals effects of maternal smoking on endogenous metabolites from lipid metabolism in cord blood of newborns. Metabolomics 12:76 (2016)
Friedrich, N.* et al.: Sex differences in urine metabolites related with risk of diabetes using NMR spectroscopy: Results of the study of health in pomerania. Metabolomics 11, 1405-1415 (2015)
Krumsiek, J. et al.: Gender-specific pathway differences in the human serum metabolome. Metabolomics 11, 1815-1833 (2015)
Albrecht, E. et al.: Metabolite profiling reveals new insights into the regulation of serum urate in humans. Metabolomics 10, 141-151 (2014)