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Ali Khan, A. ; Raess, M. & Hrabě de Angelis, M.: Moving forward with forward genetics: A summary of the INFRAFRONTIER Forward Genetics Panel Discussion. F1000 Res. 10:456 (2021)
Auffray, C.* et al.: COVID-19 and beyond: A call for action and audacious solidarity to all the citizens and nations, it is humanity’s fight. F1000 Res. 9:1130 (2021)
Oertel, W.H.: Recent advances in treating Parkinson's disease. F1000 Res. 6:260 (2017)
Cokelaer, T.* et al.: DREAMTools: A Python package for scoring collaborative challenges. F1000 Res. 4:1030 (2016)
Kondofersky, I. et al.: Three general concepts to improve risk prediction: Good data, wisdom of the crowd, recalibration. F1000 Res. 5:2671 (2016)