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Kotlarz, D.M.: Mucus sialylation maintains the peace in intestinal host microbe relations. Gastroenterology 163, 527-528 (2022)
Ecker, J.* et al.: The colorectal cancer lipidome - identification of a robust tumor-specific lipid species signature. Gastroenterology 161, 910-923.e19 (2021)
Feldmann, K.* et al.: Mesenchymal plasticity regulated by Prrx1 drives aggressive pancreatic cancer biology. Gastroenterology 160, 346-361.e24 (2021)
Welz, L.* et al.: Epithelial XBP1 coordinates TP53-driven DNA damage responses and suppression of intestinal carcinogenesis. Gastroenterology 162, 223-237.e11 (2021)
Healy, M.E.* et al.: MCL1 is required for maintenance of intestinal homeostasis and prevention of carcinogenesis in mice. Gastroenterology 159, 183-199 (2020)
Michler, T. et al.: Knockdown of virus antigen expression increases therapeutic vaccine efficacy in high-titer hepatitis B virus carrier mice. Gastroenterology 158, 1762-1775 (2020)
Aden, K.* et al.: Metabolic functions of gut microbes associate with efficacy of tumor necrosis factor antagonists in patients with inflammatory bowel diseases. Gastroenterology 157, 1279-1292.e11 (2019)
Görgülü, K.* et al.: Levels of the autophagy-related 5 protein affect progression and metastasis of pancreatic tumors in mice. Gastroenterology 156, 203-217.e20 (2019)
Karimzadeh, H. et al.: Mutations in hepatitis D virus allow it to escape detection by CD8+ T cells and evolve at the population level. Gastroenterology 156, 1820-1833 (2019)
Polishchuk, E.V.* et al.: Activation of autophagy, observed in liver tissues from patients with Wilson disease and from Atp7b-deficient animals, protects hepatocytes from copper-induced apoptosis. Gastroenterology 156, 1173-1189.e5 (2019)
Tang, Y.* et al.: Alternative splice forms of CYLD mediate ubiquitination of SMAD7 to prevent TGFB signaling and promote colitis. Gastroenterology 156, 692-707.e7 (2019)
Gehring, A.* & Protzer, U.: Targeting innate and adaptive immune responses to cure chronic HBV infection. Gastroenterology 156, 325-337 (2018)
Knieling, F.* et al.: Raster-scanning optoacoustic mesoscopy for gastrointestinal imaging at high resolution. Gastroenterology 154, 807-809.e3 (2018)
Weiss, K.H.* & Zischka, H.: Copper directly affects intestinal lipid turnover. Gastroenterology 154, 15-17 (2018)
Markova, M.* et al.: Isocaloric diets high in animal or plant protein reduce liver fat and inflammation in individuals with Type 2 Diabetes. Gastroenterology 152, 571-585.e8 (2017)
Pikarsky, E.* & Heikenwälder, M.: Focal and Local: Ectopic lymphoid structures and aggregates of myeloid and other immune cells in liver. Gastroenterology 151, 780-783 (2016)
Protzer, U. & Knolle, P.A.*: "To be or not to be": Immune tolerance in chronic hepatitis B. Gastroenterology 151, 805-806 (2016)
Rivkin, M.* et al.: Inflammation-induced expression and secretion of microRNA 122 leads to reduced blood levels of kidney-derived erythropoietin and anemia. Gastroenterology 151, 999-1010.e3 (2016)
Dargel, C. et al.: T cells engineered to express a T-cell receptor specific for glypican-3 to recognize and kill hepatoma cells in vitro and in mice. Gastroenterology 149, 1042-1052 (2015)
Diakopoulos, K.N.* et al.: Impaired autophagy induces chronic atrophic pancreatitis in mice via sex- and nutrition-dependent processes. Gastroenterology 148, 626-638 (2015)