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Kemter, E.* et al.: Transgenic pigs expressing near infrared fluorescent protein-A novel tool for noninvasive imaging of islet xenotransplants. Xenotransplantation 29:e12719 (2022)
Hinrichs, A.* et al.: Growth hormone receptor knockout to reduce the size of donor pigs for preclinical xenotransplantation studies. Xenotransplantation, DOI: 10.1111/xen.12664 (2020)
Böttcher, A. et al.: Studying in vivo beta cell maturation in pigs by scRNAseq. Xenotransplantation 26 (2019)
Cohrs, C.M. et al.: Transplantation of porcine neonatal islet like cell clusters display rapid engraftment and the capability to adequately respond to hyperglycemia. Xenotransplantation 26 (2019)
Kemter, E.* et al.: The iRFP720 pig as a novel tool for non-invasive fluorescence monitoring of NPIs transplant engraftment and growth in preclinical animal model in vivo. Xenotransplantation 26 (2019)
Li, M.* et al.: Induction of porcine-specific regulatory T cells with high specificity and expression of IL-10 and TGF-1 using baboon-derived tolerogenic dendritic cells. Xenotransplantation 25:e12355 (2018)
Ludwig, B. et al.: Successful islet xenotransplantation without immunosuppression in a non-human-primate model of diabetes. Xenotransplantation 24 (2017)
Steffen, A. et al.: Production of high-quality islets from goettingen minipigs: Choice of organ preservation solution, donor pool, and optimal cold ischemia time. Xenotransplantation 24:e12284 (2017)
Heinke, S.* et al.: Diabetes induction by total pancreatectomy in minipigs with simultaneous splenectomy: A feasible approach for advanced diabetes research. Xenotransplantation 23, 405-413 (2016)
Morozov, V.A.* et al.: Islet cell transplantation from Gottingen minipigs to cynomolgus monkeys: Analysis of virus safety. Xenotransplantation 23, 320-327 (2016)
Kemter, E.* et al.: INS-eGFP transgenic piglets provide a novel tool for studying maturation and vascularization of Neonatal Islet Cell Clusters (NICCs) in vivo. Xenotransplantation 22, S62-S63 (2015)
Ludwig, B. et al.: Attenuation of immunosuppression related negative effects on islet grafts by Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH) agonist. Xenotransplantation 22, S75-S76 (2015)
Ludwig, B. et al.: Preclinical studies on porcine islet macroencapsulation in non-human primates. Xenotransplantation 22, S19-S20 (2015)
Steffen, A. ; Lehmann, S. ; Balyura, M. ; Bornstein, S.R. & Ludwig, B.: The influence of age on islet size distribution in male and female rats. Xenotransplantation 22, S111-S112 (2015)
Steffen, A. et al.: Pig pancreas preservation and the influence on islet isolation outcome. Xenotransplantation 22, S119 (2015)
Steffen, A.* ; Mueller, A. ; Bornstein, S. & Ludwig, B.: The influence of previous pregnancy on the functionality of smaller and larger rat islets. Xenotransplantation 22, S177 (2015)