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O'Neill, T.J. ; Krappmann, D. & Gewies, A.: Optimized CRISPR-Cas9-based strategy for complex gene targeting in murine embryonic stem cells for germline transmission. Bio Protoc. 12:e4423 (2022)
Bohn, S.: Protocol for RNA-seq expression analysis in yeast. Bio Protoc. 11:e4161 (2021)
Le Thuc, O. ; Noël, J.* & Rovère, C.*: An ex vivo perifusion method for quantitative determination of neuropeptide release from mouse hypothalamic explants. Bio Protoc. 7:e2521 (2017)
Hu, D. ; Yin, C.* ; Mohanta, S.K.* ; Weber, C.* & Habenicht, A.J.*: Preparation of single cell suspensions from mouse aorta. Bio Protoc. 6, accepted (2016)
Mohanta, S.* ; Yin, C.* ; Weber, C.* ; Hu, D. & Habenicht, A.J.*: Aorta atherosclerosis lesion analysis in hyperlipidemic mice. Bio Protoc. 6, accepted (2016)