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Emslander, Q.* et al.: Cell-free production of personalized therapeutic phages targeting multidrug-resistant bacteria. Cell Chem. Bio. 29, 1434-1445.e7 (2022)
Matsushita, M.* et al.: An antisense transcript transcribed from Irs2 locus contributes to the pathogenesis of hepatic steatosis in insulin resistance. Cell Chem. Bio. 29, 680-689.e6 (2022)
Napolitano, V. et al.: Acriflavine, a clinically approved drug, inhibits SARS-CoV-2 and other betacoronaviruses. Cell Chem. Bio. 29, 774-784.e8 (2022)
Dahlin, J.L.* et al.: Nuisance compounds in cellular assays. Cell Chem. Bio. 28, 356-370 (2021)
Conrad, M. & Proneth, B.: Selenium: Tracing another essential element of ferroptotic cell death. Cell Chem. Bio. 27, 409-419 (2020)
Weber, A. et al.: A linear diubiquitin-based probe for efficient and selective detection of the deubiquitinating enzyme OTULIN. Cell Chem. Bio. 24, 1299-1313.e7 (2017)
Liu, X. et al.: Systematic identification of pharmacological targets from small-molecule phenotypic screens. Cell Chem. Bio. 23, 1302-1313 (2016)