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Frank-Podlech, S. ; Hinrichs, J.* ; Fritsche, A. & Preissl, H.: The brain as a fat sensor? Neuronal correlates of nutritional fat intake. Chem. Senses 44, E75-E75 (2019)
Tschöp, M.H.: Toward neuroendocrine precision medicines for metabolic diseases. Chem. Senses 44, E1-E1 (2019)
Manoel, D.* ; Makhlouf, M.* ; Scialdone, A. & Saraiva, L.R.*: Interspecific variation of olfactory preferences in flies, mice, and humans. Chem. Senses 44, 7-9 (2018)
Heinze, J.M. et al.: Oil perception-detection thresholds for varying fatty stimuli and inter-individual differences. Chem. Senses 42, 585-592 (2017)