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Burkhardt, R. et al.: In-vivo X-ray dark-field computed tomography for the detection of radiation-induced lung damage in mice. Phys. Imag. Radiat. Oncology 20, 11-16 (2021)
Winter, J. ; Ellerbrock, M.* ; Jäkel, O.* ; Greilich, S.* & Bangert, M.*: Analytical modeling of depth-dose degradation in heterogeneous lung tissue for intensity-modulated proton therapy planning. Phys. Imag. Radiat. Oncology 14, 32-38 (2020)
Winter, J. et al.: Clinical microbeam radiation therapy with a compact source: Specifications of the line-focus X-ray tube. Phys. Imag. Radiat. Oncology 14, 74-81 (2020)