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Krueger, A.* ; Łyszkiewicz, M.* & Heissmeyer, V.: Post-transcriptional control of T-cell development in the thymus. Immunol. Lett. 247, 1-12 (2022)
Okamoto, N.* et al.: Possible contribution of DNase γ to immunoglobulin V gene diversification. Immunol. Lett. 125, 22-30 (2009)
Stahl, S.* et al.: Tumor agonist peptides break tolerance and elicit effective CTL responses in an inducible mouse model of hepatocellular carcinoma. Immunol. Lett. 123, 31-37 (2009)
Burke, B.* et al.: Increased TNF expression in CD43(++) murine blood monocyes. Immunol. Lett. 118, 142-147 (2008)
Hultström, A.L.* et al.: Autologous cytotoxicity of natural killer cells derived from HIV-infected patients. Immunol. Lett. 91, 155-158 (2004)
Kummer, U. et al.: Increased in vivo mitogenicity of anti-TCR/CD3 monoclonal antibody through reduced interaction with Fcγ receptors. Immunol. Lett. 75, 153-158 (2001)