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Zorn, J. et al.: Murine norovirus detection in the exhaust air of IVCs is more sensitive than serological analysis of soiled bedding sentinels. Lab. Animal. 51, 301-310 (2017)
Mörth, C. et al.: Evaluation of polymerase chain reaction methods for detection of murine Helicobacter in nine diagnostic laboratories. Lab. Animal. 37, 521-527 (2008)
Brielmeier, M. et al.: Microbiological monitoring of laboratory mice and biocontainment in individually ventilated cages: A field study. Lab. Animal. 40, 247-260 (2006)
Jacobsen, K. et al.: Monitoring a mouse colony for Helicobacter bilis using a Heliobacter-genus-specific nested PCR. Lab. Animal. 39, 400-412 (2005)
Schneidereit, M.: Study of fetal organ growth in Wistar rats from day 17 to 21. Lab. Animal. 19, 240-244 (1985)