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Alam, I.S.* et al.: Emerging intraoperative imaging modalities to improve surgical precision. Mol. Imaging Biol. 20, 705-715 (2018)
Ron, A. ; Dean-Ben, X.L. ; Reber, J. ; Ntziachristos, V. & Razansky, D.: Characterization of brown adipose tissue in a diabetic mouse model with spiral volumetric optoacoustic tomography. Mol. Imaging Biol. 21, 620-625 (2018)
Vigne, J.* et al.: Current and emerging preclinical approaches for imaging-based characterization of atherosclerosis. Mol. Imaging Biol. 20, 869-887 (2018)
Deliolanis, N.C. et al.: Deep-tissue reporter-gene imaging with fluorescence and optoacoustic tomography: A performance overview. Mol. Imaging Biol. 16, 652-660 (2014)
Snoeks, T.J.* et al.: Towards a successful clinical implementation of fluorescence-guided surgery. Mol. Imaging Biol. 16, 147-151 (2014)
Razansky, D. et al.: Multispectral optoacoustic tomography of matrix metalloproteinase activity in vulnerable human carotid plaques. Mol. Imaging Biol. 14, 277-285 (2012)
Crane, L.M.A.* et al.: Intraoperative multispectral fluorescence imaging for the detection of the sentinel lymph node in cervical cancer: A novel concept. Mol. Imaging Biol. 13, 1043-1049 (2011)
Sarantopoulos, A. ; Themelis, G. & Ntziachristos, V.: Imaging the bio-distribution of fluorescent probes using multispectral epi-Illumination cryoslicing imaging. Mol. Imaging Biol. 13, 874-885 (2011)