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Peyrot, W.J.* et al.: The association between lower educational attainment and depression owing to shared genetic effects? Results in ~25 000 subjects. Mol. Psychiatry 20, 735-743 (2015)
Boraska, V.* et al.: A genome-wide association study of anorexia nervosa. Mol. Psychiatry 19, 1085-1094 (2014)
Cansell, C.* et al.: Dietary triglycerides act on mesolimbic structures to regulate the rewarding and motivational aspects of feeding. Mol. Psychiatry 19, 1095-1105 (2014)
Jarick, I.* et al.: Genome-wide analysis of rare copy number variations reveals PARK2 as a candidate gene for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Mol. Psychiatry 19, 115–121 (2014)
Allebrandt, K.V.* et al.: A KATP channel gene effect on sleep duration: From genome-wide association studies to function in Drosophila. Mol. Psychiatry 18, 122-132 (2013)
Amin, N.* et al.: Genome-wide association analysis of coffee drinking suggests association with CYP1A1/CYP1A2 and NRCAM. Mol. Psychiatry 17, 1116-1129 (2012)
Rietschel, M.* et al.: Association between genetic variation in a region on chromosome 11 and schizophrenia in large samples from Europe. Mol. Psychiatry 17, 906-917 (2012)
Kimura, M.* et al.: Conditional corticotropin-releasing hormone overexpression in the mouse forebrain enhances rapid eye movement sleep. Mol. Psychiatry 15, 154-165 (2010)
Lu, A.* et al.: Conditional mouse mutants highlight mechanisms of corticotropin-releasing hormone effects on stress-coping behavior. Mol. Psychiatry 13, 1028-1042 (2008)
Lu, A.* et al.: Conditional CRH overexpressing mice: An animal model for stress-elicited pathologies and treatments that target the central CRH system. Poster: 1359-4184 (2008)
Baghai, T.C.* et al.: Polymorphisms in the angiotensin-converting enzyme gene are associated wit unipolar depression, ACE activity and hypercortisolism. Mol. Psychiatry 11, 1003-1015 (2006)
Schumacher, J.* ; Klopp, N. & Illig, T.: Investigation of the DAOA/G30 locus in panic disorder. Mol. Psychiatry 10, 428-429 (2004)
Schmitz, C.* et al.: Depression : Reduced number of granule cells in the hippocampus of female, but not male, rats due to prenatal restraint stress. Mol. Psychiatry 7, 810-813 (2002)
Meyer, J.* et al.: A missense mutation in a novel gene encoding a putative cation channel is associated with catatonic schizophrenia in a large pedigree. Mol. Psychiatry 6, 302-306 (2001)