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Swiers, G.* et al.: Early dynamic fate changes in haemogenic endothelium characterized at the single-cell level. Nat. Commun. 4:2924 (2013)
van Oosten, M.* et al.: Real-time in vivo imaging of invasive- and biomaterial-associated bacterial infections using fluorescently labelled vancomycin. Nat. Commun. 4:2584 (2013)
Verheugd, P.* et al.: Regulation of NF-κB signalling by the mono-ADP-ribosyltransferase ARTD10. Nat. Commun. 4:1683 (2013)
Hesse, M.* et al.: Direct visualization of cell division using high-resolution imaging of M-phase of the cell cycle. Nat. Commun. 3:1076 (2012)
Mellett, M.* et al.: Orphan receptor IL-17RD tunes IL-17A signalling and is required for neutrophilia. Nat. Commun. 3:1119 (2012)
Raab, M.* et al.: Toxicity modelling of Plk1-targeted therapies in genetically engineered mice and cultured primary mammalian cells. Nat. Commun. 2:395 (2011)