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Jiang, X.* et al.: Shared heritability and functional enrichment across six solid cancers. Nat. Commun. 10:431 (2019)
Jiang, X.* et al.: Erratum: Publisher Correction: Shared heritability and functional enrichment across six solid cancers (Nature communications (2019) 10 1 (431)). Nat. Commun. 10:4386 (2019)
Kerdidani, D.* et al.: Wnt1 silences chemokine genes in dendritic cells and induces adaptive immune resistance in lung adenocarcinoma. Nat. Commun. 10:1405 (2019)
Kilpeläinen, T.O.* et al.: Multi-ancestry study of blood lipid levels identifies four loci interacting with physical activity. Nat. Commun. 10:376 (2019)
Kimura, R.H.* et al.: Evaluation of integrin αvβ6 cystine knot PET tracers to detect cancer and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. Nat. Commun. 10:4673 (2019)
Kuchenbaecker, K.* et al.: The transferability of lipid loci across African, Asian and European cohorts. Nat. Commun. 10:4330 (2019)
Liu, J.* et al.: An integrative cross-omics analysis of DNA methylation sites of glucose and insulin homeostasis. Nat. Commun. 10:2581 (2019)
Meier, S.* et al.: The molecular basis of chaperone-mediated interleukin 23 assembly control. Nat. Commun. 10:4121 (2019)
Menden, M. et al.: Community assessment to advance computational prediction of cancer drug combinations in a pharmacogenomic screen. Nat. Commun. 10:2674 (2019)
Noordam, R.* et al.: Multi-ancestry sleep-by-SNP interaction analysis in 126,926 individuals reveals lipid loci stratified by sleep duration. Nat. Commun. 10:5121 (2019)
Peters, L.* et al.: Phototrophic purple bacteria as optoacoustic in vivo reporters of macrophage activity. Nat. Commun. 10:1191 (2019)
Porcu, E.* et al.: Mendelian randomization integrating GWAS and eQTL data reveals genetic determinants of complex and clinical traits. Nat. Commun. 10:3300 (2019)
Prorok, P.* et al.: Involvement of G-quadruplex regions in mammalian replication origin activity. Nat. Commun. 10:3274 (2019)
Ragazzini, R.* et al.: EZHIP constrains Polycomb Repressive Complex 2 activity in germ cells. Nat. Commun. 10:3858 (2019)
Rosenbaum, M.* et al.: Bcl10-controlled Malt1 paracaspase activity is key for the immune suppressive function of regulatory T cells. Nat. Commun. 10:2352 (2019)
Scherm, M.G. et al.: miRNA142-3p targets Tet2 and impairs Treg differentiation and stability in models of type 1 diabetes. Nat. Commun. 10:5697 (2019)
Schneider, T.* et al.: Combinatorial recognition of clustered RNA elements by the multidomain RNA-binding protein IMP3. Nat. Commun. 10:2266 (2019)
Sheng, X.* et al.: IRE1α-XBP1s pathway promotes prostate cancer by activating c-MYC signaling. Nat. Commun. 10:323 (2019)
Snijders Blok, L.* et al.: CHD3 helicase domain mutations cause a neurodevelopmental syndrome with macrocephaly and impaired speech and language (vol 9, 4619, 2018). Nat. Commun. 10:2079 (2019)
Stangl, A. et al.: Regulation of the endosomal SNX27-retromer by OTULIN. Nat. Commun. 10:4320 (2019)