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Birling, M.C.* et al.: A resource of targeted mutant mouse lines for 5,061 genes. Nat. Genet. 53, 416-419 (2021)
Bonder, M.J.* et al.: Identification of rare and common regulatory variants in pluripotent cells using population-scale transcriptomics. Nat. Genet. 53, 313-321 (2021)
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Rabanus-Wallace, M.T.* et al.: Chromosome-scale genome assembly provides insights into rye biology, evolution and agronomic potential. Nat. Genet. 53, 564-573 (2021)
Rühlemann, M.C.* et al.: Genome-wide association study in 8,956 German individuals identifies influence of ABO histo-blood groups on gut microbiome. Nat. Genet. 53, 147–155 (2021)
Surendran, P.* et al.: Publisher Correction: Discovery of rare variants associated with blood pressure regulation through meta-analysis of 1.3 million individuals (Nature Genetics, (2020), 52, 12, (1314-1332), 10.1038/s41588-020-00713-x). Nat. Genet., DOI: 10.1038/s41588-021-00832-z (2021)
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Võsa, U.* et al.: Large-scale cis- and trans-eQTL analyses identify thousands of genetic loci and polygenic scores that regulate blood gene expression. Nat. Genet. 53, 1300-1310 (2021)
Bryois, J.* et al.: Genetic identification of cell types underlying brain complex traits yields insights into the etiology of Parkinson’s disease. Nat. Genet. 52, 482-493 (2020)
Cai, N. et al.: Minimal phenotyping yields genome-wide association signals of low specificity for major depression. Nat. Genet. 52, 437-447 (2020)
Haberer, G. et al.: European maize genomes highlight intraspecies variation in repeat and gene content. Nat. Genet. 52, 950-957 (2020)
Schlosser, P.* et al.: Genetic studies of urinary metabolites illuminate mechanisms of detoxification and excretion in humans. Nat. Genet. 52, 167-176 (2020)
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Demontis, D.* et al.: Discovery of the first genome-wide significant risk loci for attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Nat. Genet. 51, 63–75 (2019)
Justice, A.E.* et al.: Protein-coding variants implicate novel genes related to lipid homeostasis contributing to body-fat distribution. Nat. Genet. 51, 452–469 (2019)
Karlsson Linnér, R.* et al.: Genome-wide association analyses of risk tolerance and risky behaviors in over 1 million individuals identify hundreds of loci and shared genetic influences. Nat. Genet. 51, 245-257 (2019)