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Ruland, J.: Return to homeostasis: Downregulation of NF-κB responses. Nat. Immunol. 12, 709-714 (2011)
Verschoor, A. et al.: A platelet-mediated system for shuttling blood-borne bacteria to CD8α+ dendritic cells depends on glycoprotein GPIb and complement C3. Nat. Immunol. 12, 1194-1201 (2011)
Glasmacher, E. et al.: Roquin binds inducible costimulator mRNA and effectors of mRNA decay to induce microRNA-independent post-transcriptional repression. Nat. Immunol. 11, 725-733 (2010)
Poeck, H.* et al.: Recognition of RNA virus by RIG-I results in activation of CARD9 and inflammasome signaling for interleukin 1β production. Nat. Immunol. 11, 63-69 (2010)
Takamatsu, H.* et al.: Semaphorins guide the entry of dendritic cells into the lymphatics by activating myosin II. Nat. Immunol. 11, 594-560 (2010)
Heissmeyer, V. & Rao, A.: Itching to end NF-kB. Nat. Immunol. 9, 227-229 (2008)
Ferch, U.* et al.: MALT1 directs B cell receptor–induced canonical nuclear factor-kappaB signaling selectively to the c-Rel subunit. Nat. Immunol. 8, 984-991 (2007)