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Lapuente, D.* et al.: Innate signalling molecules as genetic adjuvants do not alter the efficacy of a DNA-based influenza A vaccine. PLoS ONE 15:e0231138 (2020)
Lin, S.H.* et al.: Low-frequency variation near common germline susceptibility loci are associated with risk of Ewing sarcoma. PLoS ONE 15:e0237792 (2020)
Matias-Garcia, P.R. et al.: Impact of long-term storage and freeze-thawing on eight circulating microRNAs in plasma samples. PLoS ONE 15:e0227648 (2020)
Meissner, K.* et al.: Molecular classification of the placebo effect in nausea. PLoS ONE 15:e0238533 (2020)
Milivojevic, M.* et al.: Plasma proteomic profiling suggests an association between antigen driven clonal B cell expansion and ME/CFS. PLoS ONE 15:e0236148 (2020)
Na, E.S.* et al.: Decreased sensitivity to the anorectic effects of leptin in mice that lack a Pomc-specific neural enhancer. PLoS ONE 15:e0244793 (2020)
Niepel, D.* et al.: A pilot study: Auditory steady-state responses (ASSR) can be measured in human fetuses using fetal magnetoencephalography (fMEG). PLoS ONE 15:e0235310 (2020)
Notohamiprodjo, M.* et al.: Renal and renal sinus fat volumes as quantified by magnetic resonance imaging in subjects with prediabetes, diabetes, and normal glucose tolerance. PLoS ONE 15:e0216635 (2020)
Obura, M.* et al.: Post-load glucose subgroups and associated metabolic traits in individuals with type 2 diabetes: An IMI-DIRECT study. PLoS ONE 15:e0242360 (2020)
Pigorsch, S.U.* et al.: MRI- and CT-determined changes of dysphagia / aspiration-related structures (DARS) during and after radiotherapy. PLoS ONE 15:e0237501 (2020)
Sacco, V. et al.: Overweight/obesity as the potentially most important lifestyle factor associated with signs of pneumonia in COVID-19. PLoS ONE 15:e0237799 (2020)
Then, C. et al.: Serum uromodulin is inversely associated with arterial hypertension and the vasoconstrictive prohormone CT-proET-1 in the population-based KORA F4 study. PLoS ONE 15:e0237364 (2020)
Walter, S.S.* et al.: Association between metabolic syndrome and hip osteoarthritis in middle-aged men and women from the general population. PLoS ONE 15:e0230185 (2020)
Arnold, M. ; Pfeifer, K.* & Quante, A.S.*: Is risk-stratified breast cancer screening economically efficient in Germany? PLoS ONE 14:e0217213 (2019)
Fuertes, E.* et al.: The role of C-reactive protein levels on the association of physical activity with lung function in adults. PLoS ONE 14:e0222578 (2019)
Gaertner, W.* ; Bradley, R.* ; Xu, Y.* & Schwettmann, L.: Against the proportionality principle: Experimental findings on bargaining over losses. PLoS ONE 14:e0218805 (2019)
Groener, J.B.* et al.: Asprosin response in hypoglycemia is not related to hypoglycemia unawareness but rather to insulin resistance in type 1 diabetes. PLoS ONE 14:e0222771 (2019)
Kieback, A.G.* et al.: One simple claudication question as first step in Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) screening: A meta-analysis of the association with reduced Ankle Brachial Index (ABI) in 27,945 subjects. PLoS ONE 14:e0224608 (2019)
Kimm, M.A.* et al.: Optoacoustic properties of Doxorubicin - A pilot study. PLoS ONE 14:e0217576 (2019)