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Meier, R.* et al.: Multimodality multiparametric imaging of early tumor response to a novel antiangiogenic therapy based on anticalins. PLoS ONE 9:e94972 (2014)
Menzler, J. ; Channappa, L.* & Zeck, G.*: Rhythmic ganglion cell activity in bleached and blind adult mouse retinas. PLoS ONE 9:e106047 (2014)
Nehls, J. ; Koppensteiner, H. ; Brack-Werner, R. ; Floß, T. & Schindler, M.: HIV-1 replication in human immune cells is independent of TAR DNA binding Protein 43 (TDP-43) expression. PLoS ONE 9:e105478 (2014)
Niehaus, E.M.* et al.: Apicidin F: Characterization and genetic manipulation of a new secondary metabolite gene cluster in the rice pathogen Fusarium fujikuroi. PLoS ONE 9:e103336 (2014)
Ortlieb, S. et al.: Associations between multiple accelerometry-assessed physical activity parameters and selected health outcomes in elderly people - results from the KORA-Age study. PLoS ONE 9:e111206 (2014)
Pastore, F. et al.: The NPM1 mutation type has no impact on survival in cytogenetically normal AML. PLoS ONE 9:e109759 (2014)
Purahong, W.* et al.: Influence of different forest system management practices on leaf litter decomposition rates, nutrient dynamics and the activity of ligninolytic enzymes: A case study from central European forests. PLoS ONE 9:e93700 (2014)
Quaranta, M. et al.: Allergic contact dermatitis in psoriasis patients: Typical, delayed, and non-interacting. PLoS ONE 9:e101814 (2014)
Roullier-Gall, C. ; Lucio, M. ; Noret, L.* ; Schmitt-Kopplin, P. & Gougeon, R.D.*: How subtle is the "Terroir" effect? Chemistry-related signatures of two "Climats de Bourgogne". PLoS ONE 9:e97615 (2014)
Sartorius, T. et al.: Cinnamon extract improves insulin sensitivity in the brain and lowers liver fat in mouse models of obesity. PLoS ONE 9:e92358 (2014)
Schötz, U. et al.: Usefulness of a darwinian system in a biotechnological application: Evolution of optical window fluorescent protein variants under selective pressure. PLoS ONE 9:e107069 (2014)
Schramm, K. et al.: Mapping the genetic architecture of gene regulation in whole blood. PLoS ONE 9:e93844 (2014)
Schulte, E.C. et al.: Blood cis-eQTL analysis fails to identify novel association signals among sub-threshold candidates from genome-wide association studies in restless legs syndrome. PLoS ONE 9:e98092 (2014)
Shafique, S.* et al.: Genetic spectrum of autosomal recessive non-syndromic hearing loss in Pakistani families. PLoS ONE 9:e100146 (2014)
Sieber, C.M.K. et al.: The Fusarium graminearum genome reveals more secondary metabolite gene clusters and hints of horizontal gene transfer. PLoS ONE 9:e110311 (2014)
Sievert, W. et al.: Adhesion molecule expression and function of primary endothelial cells in benign and malignant tissues correlates with proliferation. PLoS ONE 9:e91808 (2014)
Simonetto, C. et al.: Ischemic heart disease in workers at Mayak PA: Latency of incidence risk after radiation exposure. PLoS ONE 9:e96309 (2014)
Simpson, C.L.* et al.: Genome-wide meta-analysis of myopia and hyperopia provides evidence for replication of 11 loci. PLoS ONE 9:e107110 (2014)
Stefan, N. et al.: Impact of the adipokine adiponectin and the hepatokine fetuin-a on the development of type 2 diabetes: Prospective cohort- and cross-sectional phenotyping studies. PLoS ONE 9:e92238 (2014)
Tamayo, T.* et al.: Treatment pattern of type 2 diabetes differs in two German regions and with patients' socioeconomic position. PLoS ONE 9:e99773 (2014)