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Kim, J. et al.: An RNAi-based approach to down-regulate a gene family in vivo. PLoS ONE 8:e80312 (2013)
Kirchner, H.* et al.: Ablation of ghrelin O-acyltransferase does not improve glucose intolerance or body adiposity in mice on a leptin-deficient ob/ob background. PLoS ONE 8:e61822 (2013)
Kiss, A.* et al.: Doping control using high and ultra-high resolution mass spectrometry based non-targeted metabolomics-a case study of salbutamol and budesonide abuse. PLoS ONE 8:e74584 (2013)
Knoll, N.* et al.: Gene set of nuclear-encoded mitochondrial regulators is enriched for common inherited variation in obesity. PLoS ONE 8:e55884 (2013)
Kraemer, A. et al.: Cell survival following radiation exposure requires miR-525-3p mediated suppression of ARRB1 and TXN1. PLoS ONE 8:e77484 (2013)
Kraemer, A. et al.: UVA and UVB irradiation differentially regulate microRNA expression in human primary keratinocytes. PLoS ONE 8:e83392 (2013)
Kutscher, S. et al.: Overnight resting of PBMC changes functional signatures of antigen specific T-cell responses: Impact for immune monitoring within clinical trials. PLoS ONE 8:e76215 (2013)
Ladwig, K.-H. et al.: Posttraumatic stress disorder and not depression is associated with shorter leukocyte telomere length: Findings from 3,000 participants in the population-based KORA F4 study. PLoS ONE 8:e64762 (2013)
Lam, V.K.* et al.: Genetic associations of type 2 diabetes with islet amyloid polypeptide processing and degrading pathways in asian populations. PLoS ONE 8:e62378 (2013)
Le Roux, X.* et al.: Soil environmental conditions and microbial build-up mediate the effect of plant diversity on soil nitrifying and denitrifying enzyme activities in temperate grasslands. PLoS ONE 8:e61069 (2013)
Liu, Y. ; Dalal, K.* & Stollenwerk, B.: The association between health system development and the burden of cardiovascular disease: An analysis of WHO country profiles. PLoS ONE 8:e61718 (2013)
Lotter, H.* et al.: Testosteron increases susceptibility to amebic liver abscess in mice and mediates inhibition of IFNγ secretion in natural killer T cells. PLoS ONE 8:e55694 (2013)
Ma, J.* et al.: Sequence-based analysis of translocations and inversions in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). PLoS ONE 8:e79329 (2013)
Maliniemi, P.* et al.: Expression of human endogenous retrovirus-W including syncytin-1 in cutaneous T-cell lymphoma. PLoS ONE 8:e76281 (2013)
Manic, G.* et al.: Impact of the Ku complex on HIV-1 expression and latency. PLoS ONE 8:e69691 (2013)
Mechelli, R.* et al.: A "candidate-interactome" aggregate analysis of genome-wide association data in multiple sclerosis. PLoS ONE 8:e63300 (2013)
Meinel, F.G.* et al.: Diagnosing and mapping pulmonary emphysema on X-ray projection images: Incremental value of grating-based X-ray dark-field imaging. PLoS ONE 8:e59526 (2013)
Merkl, C.* et al.: Efficient generation of rat induced pluripotent stem cells using a non-viral inducible vector. PLoS ONE 8:e55170 (2013)
Merz, K. & Lie, D.C.: Evidence that doublecortin is dispensable for the development of adult born neurons in mice. PLoS ONE 8:e62693 (2013)
Meyer, A.H.* et al.: Different land use intensities in grassland ecosystems drive ecology of microbial communities involved in nitrogen turnover in soil. PLoS ONE 8:e73536 (2013)