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Kosilek, R.P.* et al.: The association of intensive care with utilization and costs of outpatient healthcare services and quality of life. PLoS ONE 14:e0222671 (2019)
Lämmer, F.* et al.: Cytosolic Hsp70 as a biomarker to predict clinical outcome in patients with glioblastoma. PLoS ONE 14:e0221502 (2019)
Matejka, K. et al.: Dynamic modelling of an ACADS genotype in fatty acid oxidation - Application of cellular models for the analysis of common genetic variants. PLoS ONE 14:e0216110 (2019)
Mayr, N.P.* et al.: Assessing the level of radiation experienced by anesthesiologists during transfemoral Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation and protection by a lead cap. PLoS ONE 14:e0210872 (2019)
Miller, M. ; Sabrautzki, S. ; Beyerlein, A. & Brielmeier, M.: Combining fish and environmental PCR for diagnostics of diseased laboratory zebrafish in recirculating systems. PLoS ONE 14:e0222360 (2019)
Ogrinc Wagner, A.* et al.: Strain specific maturation of Dendritic cells and production of IL-1β controls CD40-driven colitis. PLoS ONE 14:e0210998 (2019)
Platzer, A.* ; Nussbaumer, T. ; Karonitsch, T.* ; Smolen, J.S.* & Aletaha, D.*: Analysis of gene expression in rheumatoid arthritis and related conditions offers insights into sex-bias, gene biotypes and co-expression patterns. PLoS ONE 14:e0219698 (2019)
Sammer, M.* et al.: Beam size limit for pencil minibeam radiotherapy determined from side effects in an in-vivo mouse ear model. PLoS ONE 14:e0221454 (2019)
Sammer, M.* et al.: Proton pencil minibeam irradiation of an in-vivo mouse ear model spares healthy tissue dependent on beam size. PLoS ONE 14:e0224873 (2019)
Sandner, A.S.* et al.: Frequency of hematologic and solid malignancies in the family history of 50 patients with acute myeloid leukemia - a single center analysis. PLoS ONE 14:e0215453 (2019)
Tejera, B.* et al.: The human adenovirus type 5 E1B 55kDa protein interacts with RNA promoting timely DNA replication and viral late mRNA metabolism. PLoS ONE 14:e0214882 (2019)
Walter, J. ; Tufman, A.* ; Holle, R. & Schwarzkopf, L.: "Age matters"- German claims data indicate disparities in lung cancer care between elderly and young patients. PLoS ONE 14:e0217434 (2019)
Ward-Caviness, C.K. et al.: Mendelian randomization evaluation of causal effects of fibrinogen on incident coronary heart disease. PLoS ONE 14:e0216222 (2019)
Acton, W.J.F.* et al.: The effect of ozone fumigation on the biogenic volatile organic compounds (BVOCs) emitted from Brassica napus above- and below-ground. PLoS ONE 13:e0208825 (2018)
Bächle, C.* et al.: Regional differences in antihyperglycemic medication are not explained by individual socioeconomic status, regional deprivation, and regional health care services. Observational results from the German DIAB-CORE consortium. PLoS ONE 13:e0191559 (2018)
Balyura, M.* et al.: Expression of progenitor markers is associated with the functionality of a bioartificial adrenal cortex. PLoS ONE 13:e0194643 (2018)
Baumeister, P. ; Canis, M.* & Reiter, M.*: Preoperative anemia and perioperative blood transfusion in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma. PLoS ONE 13:e0205712 (2018)
Bayerl, C.* et al.: Alcohol consumption, but not smoking is associated with higher MR-derived liver fat in an asymptomatic study population. PLoS ONE 13:e0192448 (2018)
Breunig, C. et al.: One step generation of customizable gRNA vectors for multiplex CRISPR approaches through string assembly gRNA cloning (STAgR). PLoS ONE 13:e0196015 (2018)
Cole, J.W.* et al.: Genetics of the thrombomodulin-endothelial cell protein C receptor system and the risk of early-onset ischemic stroke. PLoS ONE 13:e0206554 (2018)