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Bauer, L.* et al.: Expression profiling of stem cell-related genes in neoadjuvant-treated gastric cancer: A NOTCH2, GSK3B and β-catenin gene signature predicts survival. PLoS ONE 7:e44566 (2012)
Betz, M.J.* et al.: Isoenergetic feeding of low carbohydrate-high fat diets does not increase brown adipose tissue thermogenic capacity in rats. PLoS ONE 7:e38997 (2012)
Beyerlein, A.* et al.: Gestational weight gain and body mass index in children: Results from three German cohort studies. PLoS ONE 7:e33205 (2012)
Birkhofer, K.* et al.: General relationships between abiotic soil properties and soil biota across spatial scales and different land-use types. PLoS ONE 7:e43292 (2012)
Böhm, A. et al.: Common genetic variation in the SERPINF1 locus determines overall adiposity, obesity-related insulin resistance, and circulating leptin levels. PLoS ONE 7:e34035 (2012)
Boraska, V.* et al.: Genome-wide association study to identify common variants associated with brachial circumference: A meta-analysis of 14 cohorts. PLoS ONE 7:e31369 (2012)
Böttger, E.* ; Multhoff, G. ; Kun, J.F.* & Esen, M.*: Plasmodium falciparum-infected erythrocytes induce granzyme B by NK cells through expression of host-Hsp70. PLoS ONE 7:e33774 (2012)
Castañeda, T.R.* et al.: Metabolic control by S6 kinases depends on dietary lipids. PLoS ONE 7:e32631 (2012)
Chen, X.* ; Lepier, A. ; Berninger, B. ; Tolkovsky, A.M.* & Herbert, J.*: Cultured subventricular zone progenitor cells transduced with neurogenin-2 become mature glutamatergic neurons and integrate into the dentate gyrus. PLoS ONE 7:e31547 (2012)
Diem, O. ; Schäffner, M. ; Seifarth, W.* & Leib-Mösch, C.: Influence of antipsychotic drugs on Human Endogenous Retrovirus (HERV) transcription in brain cells. PLoS ONE 7:e30054 (2012)
Djafarzadeh, R.* et al.: Recombinant GPI-anchored TIMP-1 stimulates growth and migration of peritoneal mesothelial cells. PLoS ONE 7:e33963 (2012)
Eidemüller, M. ; Jacob, P. ; Lane, R.S.* ; Frost, S.E.* & Zablotska, L.B.*: Lung cancer mortality (1950-1999) among Eldorado uranium workers: A comparison of models of carcinogenesis and empirical excess risk models. PLoS ONE 7:e41431 (2012)
Fehringer, G.* et al.: Comparison of pathway analysis approaches using lung cancer GWAS data sets. PLoS ONE 7:e31816 (2012)
Gehrmann, M. et al.: Immunotherapeutic targeting of membrane Hsp70-expressing tumors using recombinant human granzyme B. PLoS ONE 7:e41341 (2012)
Gerbitz, A.* et al.: Stromal interferon-γ signaling and cross-presentation are required to eliminate antigen-loss variants of Β cell lymphomas in mice. PLoS ONE 7:e34552 (2012)
Gosenca, D.* et al.: HERV-E-mediated modulation of PLA2G4A transcription in urothelial carcinoma. PLoS ONE 7:e49341 (2012)
Grassmann, F.* ; Fritsche, L.G.* ; Keilhauer, C.N.* ; Heid, I.M. & Weber, B.H.F.*: Modelling the genetic risk in age-related macular degeneration. PLoS ONE 7:e37979 (2012)
Greve, B.* et al.: Evaluation of different biomarkers to predict individual radiosensitivity in an inter-laboratory comparison - lessons for future studies. PLoS ONE 7:e47185 (2012)
Gross, H.* et al.: Binding of the heterogeneous ribonucleoprotein K (hnRNP K) to the Epstein-Barr virus nuclear antigen 2 (EBNA2) enhances viral LMP2A expression. PLoS ONE 7:e42106 (2012)
Gruber, E.V. ; Stock, S.* & Stollenwerk, B.: Breast cancer attributable costs in Germany: A top-down approach based on sickness funds data. PLoS ONE 7:e51312 (2012)