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Lee, A.W.* et al.: Functional inactivation of the genome-wide association study obesity gene neuronal growth regulator 1 in mice causes a body mass phenotype. PLoS ONE 7:e41537 (2012)
Lehmann, F.M. et al.: Humanized c-Myc mouse. PLoS ONE 7:e42021 (2012)
Lichtenegger, F.S.* et al.: CD86 and IL-12p70 are key players for T helper 1 polarization and natural killer cell activation by toll-like receptor-induced dendritic cells. PLoS ONE 7:e44266 (2012)
Liedén, A.* et al.: Genetic variation in the epidermal transglutaminase genes is not associated with atopic dermatitis. PLoS ONE 7:e49694 (2012)
Loetscher, Y.* et al.: Salmonella transiently reside in luminal neutrophils in the inflamed gut. PLoS ONE 7:e34812 (2012)
Lødrup Carlsen, K.C.* et al.: Does pet ownership in infancy lead to asthma or allergy at school age? Pooled analysis of individual participant data from 11 European birth cohorts. PLoS ONE 7:e43214 (2012)
Manceau, V.* ; Kremmer, E. ; Nabel, E.G.* & Maucuer, A.*: The protein kinase KIS impacts gene expression during development and fear conditioning in adult mice. PLoS ONE 7:e43946 (2012)
Manook, A.* et al.: Small-animal PET imaging of amyloid-beta plaques with [11C]PiB and its multi-modal validation in an APP/PS1 mouse model of Alzheimer's disease. PLoS ONE 7:e31310 (2012)
Meisinger, C. et al.: Uric acid is more strongly associated with impaired glucose regulation in women than in men from the general population: The KORA F4-study. PLoS ONE 7:e37180 (2012)
Menoud, A.* ; Welle, M.* ; Tetens, J.* ; Lichtner, P. & Drögemüller, C.*: A COL7A1 mutation causes dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa in Rotes Höhenvieh cattle. PLoS ONE 7:e38823 (2012)
Méplan, C.* et al.: Polymorphisms in thioredoxin reductase and selenoprotein k genes and selenium status modulate risk of prostate cancer. PLoS ONE 7:e48709 (2012)
Meyer, D.* et al.: Expression of Tas1 taste receptors in mammalian spermatozoa: Functional role of Tas1r1 in regulating basal Ca2+ and cAMP concentrations in spermatozoa. PLoS ONE 7:e32354 (2012)
Mittal, R.A.* et al.: SFTA2 - a novel secretory peptide highly expressed in the lung - is modulated by lipopolysaccharide but not hyperoxia. PLoS ONE 7:e40011 (2012)
Möller, W. et al.: Differential inflammatory response to inhaled lipopolysaccharide targeted either to the airways or the alveoli in man. PLoS ONE 7:e33505 (2012)
Mühlau, M.* et al.: Variation within the Huntington's disease gene influences normal brain structure. PLoS ONE 7:e29809 (2012)
Neukamm, S.S. et al.: Identification of the amino acids 300-600 of IRS-2 as 14-3-3 binding region with the importance of IGF-1/insulin-regulated phosphorylation of Ser-573. PLoS ONE 7:e43296 (2012)
Noblanc, A.* et al.: Epididymis response partly compensates for spermatozoa oxidative defects in snGPx4 and GPx5 double mutant mice. PLoS ONE 7:e38565 (2012)
Palmer, N.D.* et al.: A genome-wide association search for type 2 diabetes genes in African Americans. PLoS ONE 7:e29202 (2012)
Pilloni, G. ; Granitsiotis, M.S. ; Engel, M. & Lüders, T.: Testing the limits of 454 pyrotag sequencing: Reproducibility, quantitative assessment and comparison to T-RFLP fingerprinting of aquifer microbes. PLoS ONE 7:e40467 (2012)
Pozzi, B.* et al.: The endocytic adaptor Eps15 controls marginal zone B cell numbers. PLoS ONE 7:e50818 (2012)