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Obeidat, M.* et al.: A comprehensive evaluation of potential lung function associated genes in the SpiroMeta general population sample. PLoS ONE 6:e19382 (2011)
Ott, E. ; Norio, P.* ; Ritzi, M. ; Schildkraut, C.* & Schepers, A.: The dyad symmetry element of Epstein-Barr virus is a dominant but dispensable replication origin. PLoS ONE 6:e18609 (2011)
Paron, I. et al.: Tenascin-C enhances pancreatic cancer cell growth and motility and affects cell adhesion through activation of the integrin pathway. PLoS ONE 6:e21684 (2011)
Puk, O. et al.: The pathologic effect of a novel neomorphic Fgf9Y162C allele is restricted to decreased vision and retarded lens growth. PLoS ONE 6:e23678 (2011)
Rückert, I.-M. et al.: Association between markers of fatty liver disease and impaired glucose regulation in men and women from the general population: The KORA-F4-study. PLoS ONE 6:e22932 (2011)
Ruiss, R. ; Jochum, S. ; Mocikat, R. ; Hammerschmidt, W. & Zeidler, R.*: EBV-gp350 confers B-cell tropism to tailored exosomes and is a neo-antigen in normal and malignant B cells - a new option for the treatment of B-CLL. PLoS ONE 6:e25294 (2011)
Schue, M.* et al.: Modulation of metabolism and switching to biofilm prevail over exopolysaccharide production in the response of Rhizobium alamii to cadmium. PLoS ONE 6:e26771 (2011)
Settles, M.* et al.: Different capacity of monocyte subsets to phagocytose iron-oxide nanoparticles. PLoS ONE 6:e25197 (2011)
Siegert, S.* et al.: Fibroblastic reticular cells from lymph nodes attenuate T cell expansion by producing nitric oxide. PLoS ONE 6:e27618 (2011)
Stöckl, D. et al.: Age at menarche and its association with the metabolic syndrome and its components: Results from the KORA F4 study. PLoS ONE 6:e26076 (2011)
Vincent, I.E.* et al.: Hepatitis B virus impairs TLR9 expression and function in plasmacytoid dendritic cells. PLoS ONE 6:e26315 (2011)
International Multiple Sclerosis Genetics Consortium (Winkelmann, J. ; Wichmann, H.-E.): The genetic association of variants in CD6, TNFRSF1A and IRF8 to multiple sclerosis: A multicenter case-control study. PLoS ONE 6:e18813 (2011)
Yu, Z. et al.: Differences between human plasma and serum metabolite profiles. PLoS ONE 6:e21230 (2011)
Zhang, Y.* et al.: High throughput determination of TGFβ1/SMAD3 targets in A549 lung epithelial cells. PLoS ONE 6:e20319 (2011)
Gou, D.* et al.: SETDB1 is involved in postembryonic DNA methylation and gene silencing in Drosophila. PLoS ONE 5:e10581 (2010)
Graebsch, A. ; Roche, S. ; Kostrewa, D.* ; Söding, J.* & Niessing, D.: Of bits and bugs - on the use of bioinformatics and a bacterial crystal structure to solve a eukaryotic repeat-protein structure. PLoS ONE 5:e13402 (2010)
Haebig, K.* et al.: ARHGEF7 (Beta-PIX) acts as guanine nucleotide exchange factor for leucine-rich repeat kinase 2. PLoS ONE 5:e13762 (2010)
Hartsperger, M.L. ; Strache, R. & Stuempflen, V.: HiNO: An approach for inferring hierarchical organization from regulatory networks. PLoS ONE 5:e13698 (2010)
Jones, L.* et al.: Genetic evidence implicates the immune system and cholesterol metabolism in the aetiology of Alzheimer's disease. PLoS ONE 5:e13950 (2010)
Kowarsch, A. ; Marr, C. ; Schmidl, D. ; Ruepp, A. & Theis, F.J.: Tissue-specific target analysis of disease-associated microRNAs in human signaling pathways. PLoS ONE 5:e11154 (2010)