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Lamina, C. ; Bongardt, F.* ; Küchenhoff, H.* & Heid, I.M.: Haplotype reconstruction error as a classical misclassification problem: Introducing sensitivity and specificity as error measures. PLoS ONE 3:e1853 (2008)
Linsel-Nitschke, P.* et al.: Lifelong reduction of LDL-cholesterol related to a common variant in the LDL-receptor gene decreases the risk of coronary artery disease--a Mendelian Randomisation study. PLoS ONE 3:e2986 (2008)
Mack, B.* & Gires, O.: CD44s and CD44v6 expression in head and neck epithelia. PLoS ONE 3:e3360 (2008)
Roeber, S.* et al.: Evidence for a pathogenic role of different mutations at codon 188 of PRNP. PLoS ONE 3:e2147 (2008)
Soerensen, J. et al.: The role of thioredoxin reductases in brain development. PLoS ONE 3:e1813 (2008)
Wang-Sattler, R. et al.: Metabolic profiling reveals distinct variations linked to nicotine consumption in humans--first results from the KORA study. PLoS ONE 3:e3863 (2008)
Wiesner, M. et al.: Conditional immortalization of human B cells by CD40 ligation. PLoS ONE 3:e1464 (2008)
Zychlinska, M. ; Herrmann, H. ; Zimber-Strobl, U. & Hammerschmidt, W.: Restricted expression of Epstein-Barr virus latent genes in murine B cells derived from embryonic stem cells. PLoS ONE 3:e1996 (2008)
Adhikary, D. et al.: Immunodominance of lytic cycle antigens in epstein-barr virus-specific CD4+ T cell preparations for therapy. PLoS ONE 2:e583 (2007)
Gillet, L.* ; Adler, H. & Stevenson, P.G.*: Glycosaminoglycan interactions in murine gammaherpesvirus-68 infection. PLoS ONE 2:e347 (2007)
Hinney, A.* et al.: Genome wide association (GWA) study for early onset extreme obesity supports the role of fat mass and obesity associated gene (FTO) variants. PLoS ONE 2:e1361 (2007)
Thakur, N.N. et al.: A gammaherpesviral internal repeat contributes to latency amplification. PLoS ONE 2, e733 (2007)