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Ihantola, T.* et al.: Genotoxic and inflammatory effects of spruce and brown coal briquettes combustion aerosols on lung cells at the air-liquid interface. Sci. Total Environ. 806:150489 (2022)
Schröder, P. et al.: Relaunch cropping on marginal soils by incorporating amendments and beneficial trace elements in an interdisciplinary approach. Sci. Total Environ. 803:149844 (2022)
Andrade Linares, D.R. et al.: Short term effects of climate change and intensification of management on the abundance of microbes driving nitrogen turnover in montane grassland soils. Sci. Total Environ. 780:146672 (2021)
Balazs, H.-E. et al.: Post-reclamation microbial diversity and functions in hexachlorocyclohexane (HCH) contaminated soil in relation to spontaneous HCH tolerant vegetation. Sci. Total Environ. 767:144653 (2021)
Du, X.* et al.: Persistence and reversibility of arsenic-induced gut microbiome and metabolome shifts in male rats after 30-days recovery duration. Sci. Total Environ. 776:145972 (2021)
Grinn-Gofroń, A.* et al.: Abundance of Ganoderma sp. in Europe and SW Asia: Modelling the pathogen infection levels in local trees using the proxy of airborne fungal spore concentrations. Sci. Total Environ. 793:148509 (2021)
Lambert, K.A.* et al.: Association of early life and acute pollen exposure with lung function and exhaled nitric oxide (FeNO). A prospective study up to adolescence in the GINIplus and LISA cohort. Sci. Total Environ. 763:143006 (2021)
Matovu, H.* et al.: Multiple persistent organic pollutants in mothers' breastmilk: Implications for infant dietary exposure and maternal thyroid hormone homeostasis in Uganda, East Africa. Sci. Total Environ. 770:145262 (2021)
Reiber, L.* et al.: Long-term effects of a catastrophic insecticide spill on stream invertebrates. Sci. Total Environ. 768:144456 (2021)
Rubio-Acero, R.* et al.: Spatially resolved qualified sewage spot sampling to track SARS-CoV-2 dynamics in Munich - One year of experience. Sci. Total Environ. 797:149031 (2021)
Schaefer, J.* et al.: Towards automatic airborne pollen monitoring: From commercial devices to operational by mitigating class-imbalance in a deep learning approach. Sci. Total Environ. 796:148932 (2021)
Weitere, M.* et al.: Disentangling multiple chemical and non-chemical stressors in a lotic ecosystem using a longitudinal approach. Sci. Total Environ. 769:144324 (2021)
Zafeiratou, S.* et al.: A systematic review on the association between total and cardiopulmonary mortality/morbidity or cardiovascular risk factors with long-term exposure to increased or decreased ambient temperature. Sci. Total Environ. 772:145383 (2021)
Zhao, J.Y.* et al.: Thermodynamically favorable reactions shape the archaeal community affecting bacterial community assembly in oil reservoirs. Sci. Total Environ. 781:146506 (2021)
Esmaeilirad, S.* et al.: Source apportionment of fine particulate matter in a Middle Eastern Metropolis, Tehran-Iran, using PMF with organic and inorganic markers. Sci. Total Environ. 705:135330 (2020)
Fan, S.J.* et al.: Ambient air pollution and depression: A systematic review with meta-analysis up to 2019. Sci. Total Environ. 701:134721 (2020)
Fernández-Rodríguez, S.* et al.: Understanding hourly patterns of Olea pollen concentrations as tool for the environmental impact assessment. Sci. Total Environ. 736:139363 (2020)
Haque, M.M.* et al.: Regional haze formation enhanced the atmospheric pollution levels in the Yangtze River Delta region, China: Implications for anthropogenic sources and secondary aerosol formation. Sci. Total Environ. 728:138013 (2020)
Liu, X. et al.: Integration of air pollution data collected by mobile measurement to derive a preliminary spatiotemporal air pollution pro file from two neighboring German-Czech border villages. Sci. Total Environ. 722:137632 (2020)