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Miersch, T.* et al.: Impact of photochemical ageing on Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) and oxygenated PAH (Oxy-PAH/OH-PAH) in logwood stove emissions. Sci. Total Environ. 686, 382-392 (2019)
Miettinen, M.* et al.: PM2.5 concentration and composition in the urban air of Nanjing, China: Effects of emission control measures applied during the 2014 Youth Olympic Games. Sci. Total Environ. 652, 1-18 (2019)
Mitchelmore, C.L.* et al.: Occurrence and distribution of UV-filters and other anthropogenic contaminants in coastal surface water, sediment, and coral tissue from Hawaii. Sci. Total Environ. 670, 398-410 (2019)
Niu, X.Z.* ; Harir, M. ; Schmitt-Kopplin, P. & Croué, J.P.*: Sunlight-induced phototransformation of transphilic and hydrophobic fractions of Suwannee River dissolved organic matter. Sci. Total Environ. 694:133737 (2019)
Omwoma, S.* et al.: Comparative exposomics of persistent organic pollutants (PCBs, OCPs, MCCPs and SCCPs) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Lake Victoria (Africa) and Three Gorges Reservoir (China). Sci. Total Environ. 695:133789 (2019)
Oteros, J. et al.: Building an automatic pollen monitoring network (ePIN): Selection of optimal sites by clustering pollen stations. Sci. Total Environ. 688, 1263-1274 (2019)
Pedrazzani, R.* et al.: Opinion paper about organic trace pollutants in wastewater: Toxicity assessment in a European perspective. Sci. Total Environ. 651, 3202-3221 (2019)
Pedrazzani, R.* et al.: Opinion paper about organic trace pollutants in wastewater: Toxicity assessment in a European perspective (vol 651, pg 3202, 2019). Sci. Total Environ. 669, 1062-1062 (2019)
Picornell, A.* et al.: Predicting the start, peak and end of the Betula pollen season in Bavaria, Germany. Sci. Total Environ. 690, 1299-1309 (2019)
Rabstein, S.* et al.: Differences in twenty-four-hour profiles of blue-light exposure between day and night shifts in female medical staff. Sci. Total Environ. 653, 1025-1033 (2019)
Saccò, M.* et al.: New light in the dark - a proposed multidisciplinary framework for studying functional ecology of groundwater fauna. Sci. Total Environ. 662, 963-977 (2019)
Schröder, P. et al.: Discussion paper: Sustainable increase of crop production through improved technical strategies, breeding and adapted management - A European perspective. Sci. Total Environ. 678, 146-161 (2019)
Shakeri Yekta, S.* et al.: Molecular characterization of particulate organic matter in full scale anaerobic digesters: An NMR spectroscopy study. Sci. Total Environ. 685, 1107-1115 (2019)
Szukics, U.* et al.: Management versus site effects on the abundance of nitrifiers and denitrifiers in European mountain grasslands. Sci. Total Environ. 648, 745-753 (2019)
Wang, C.* ; Feng, L.* & Chen, K.: The impact of ambient particulate matter on hospital outpatient visits for respiratory and circulatory system disease in an urban Chinese population. Sci. Total Environ. 666, 672-679 (2019)
Xu, Z.* et al.: Negligible effects of TiO2 nanoparticles at environmentally relevant concentrations on the translocation and accumulation of perfluorooctanoic acid and perfluorooctanesulfonate in hydroponically grown pumpkin seedlings (Cucurbita maxima x C. moschata). Sci. Total Environ. 686, 171-178 (2019)
Yang, J. et al.: Modeling of radon exhalation from soil influenced by environmental parameters. Sci. Total Environ. 656, 1304-1311 (2019)
Birkigt, J.* ; Stumpp, C. ; Małoszewski, P. & Nijenhuis, I.*: Evaluation of the hydrological flow paths in a gravel bed filter modeling a horizontal subsurface flow wetland by using a multi-tracer experiment. Sci. Total Environ. 621, 265-272 (2018)
Breen, M.* ; Xu, Y.* ; Schneider, A.E. ; Williams, R.* & Devlin, R.*: Modeling individual exposures to ambient PM2.5 in the diabetes and the environment panel study (DEPS). Sci. Total Environ. 626, 807-816 (2018)
Chen, Y.* et al.: Long-term and high-concentration heavy-metal contamination strongly influences the microbiome and functional genes in Yellow River sediments. Sci. Total Environ. 637-638, 1400-1412 (2018)