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Liu, X. et al.: Integration of air pollution data collected by mobile measurement to derive a preliminary spatiotemporal air pollution pro file from two neighboring German-Czech border villages. Sci. Total Environ. 722:137632 (2020)
Lucio, M. et al.: Association between arsenic exposure and biomarkers of type 2 diabetes mellitus in a Croatian population: A comparative observational pilot study. Sci. Total Environ. 720:137575 (2020)
Milaković, M.* et al.: Effects of industrial effluents containing moderate levels of antibiotic mixtures on the abundance of antibiotic resistance genes and bacterial community composition in exposed creek sediments. Sci. Total Environ. 706:136001 (2020)
Obermeier, M. et al.: Under temperate climate, the conversion of grassland to arable land affects soil nutrient stocks and bacteria in a short term. Sci. Total Environ. 703:135494 (2020)
Omwoma, S.* et al.: Comparative exposomics of persistent organic pollutants (PCBs, OCPs, MCCPs and SCCPs) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Lake Victoria (Africa) and Three Gorges Reservoir (China) (vol 695, 133789, 2019). Sci. Total Environ. 699:134820 (2020)
Paschalidou, A.K.* et al.: Identifying patterns of airborne pollen distribution using a synoptic climatology approach. Sci. Total Environ. 714:136625 (2020)
Rolle-Kampczyk, U.* et al.: Accumulation of distinct persistent organic pollutants is associated with adipose tissue inflammation. Sci. Total Environ. 748:142458 (2020)
Santos, S.S.* et al.: Land use as a driver for protist community structure in soils under agricultural use across Europe. Sci. Total Environ. 717:137228 (2020)
Schmid, C. ; Reichel, R.* ; Schröder, P. ; Brüggemann, N.* & Schloter, M.: 52 years of ecological restoration following a major disturbance by opencast lignite mining does not reassemble microbiome structures of the original arable soils. Sci. Total Environ. 745:140955 (2020)
Schneider, A.E. et al.: Impact of meteorological parameters on suicide mortality rates: A case-crossover analysis in Southern Germany (1990-2006). Sci. Total Environ. 707:136053 (2020)
Schulze-Makuch, D.* et al.: A chemical and microbial characterization of selected mud volcanoes in Trinidad reveals pathogens introduced by surface water and rain water. Sci. Total Environ. 707:136087 (2020)
Ssebugere, P.* et al.: Environmental levels and human body burdens of per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances in Africa: A critical review. Sci. Total Environ. 739:139913 (2020)
Wang, H.* et al.: Occurrence of banned and commonly used pesticide residues in concentrated leachate: Implications for ecological risk assessment. Sci. Total Environ. 710:136287 (2020)
Zadel, U. et al.: Changes induced by heavy metals in the plant-associated microbiome of Miscanthus x giganteus. Sci. Total Environ. 711:134433 (2020)
Damialis, A. et al.: Human exposure to airborne pollen and relationships with symptoms and immune responses: Indoors versus outdoors, circadian patterns and meteorological effects in alpine and urban environments. Sci. Total Environ. 653, 190-199 (2019)
Dzhambov, A.M.* ; Markevych, I. & Lercher, P.*: Associations of residential greenness, traffic noise, and air pollution with birth outcomes across Alpine areas. Sci. Total Environ. 678, 399-408 (2019)
Grinn-Gofroń, A.* et al.: Airborne Alternaria and Cladosporium fungal spores in Europe: Forecasting possibilities and relationships with meteorological parameters. Sci. Total Environ. 653, 938-946 (2019)
Jiang, Y. et al.: Using nano-attapulgite clay compounded hydrophilic urethane foams (AT/HUFs) as biofilm support enhances oil-refinery wastewater treatment in a biofilm membrane bioreactor. Sci. Total Environ. 646, 606-617 (2019)
Jin, X. et al.: Shorter interval and multiple flooding-drying cycling enhanced the mineralization of C-14-DDT in a paddy soil. Sci. Total Environ. 676, 420-428 (2019)
Miersch, T.* et al.: Impact of photochemical ageing on Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) and oxygenated PAH (Oxy-PAH/OH-PAH) in logwood stove emissions. Sci. Total Environ. 686, 382-392 (2019)